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Xbox Series X: Currently only via these detours – Xbox Series S from 269 euros

Buy Xbox Series X / S: Available immediately on Amazon

XBOX SERIES X January 14, 2022 at 7:38 p.m
The Xbox Series X is currently low tide on the shelves, while the Xbox Series S is (discount) flooding. We offer an overview of the situation at the weekend.

You can finally buy the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. (Source: Netzwelt)

  • Unfortunately, the bundle at Otto is now sold out.
  • You can only get to the new console via detours.
  • Microsoft’s Xbox Series S, on the other hand, is still available.
  • Here the dealers even lure you with discounts
  • Microsoft officially released the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S in Germany, but demand is still high many months after the release. The Xbox Series X is almost always sold out at the normal price, as is the limited special edition of Halo Infinite. Most recently, Otto offered the Xbox Series X in a bundle, but this offer is also sold out again. At the moment, the only way is to use Xbox All Access, which we will describe below, or you can get the Xbox X in combination with a mobile phone contract from O2 (O2 Free M 20GB, one-off EUR 57.98, EUR 34.99 per month). Xbox Series X with O2 Free M 20GB*

    Xbox All Access

    There is still the possibility to buy an Xbox Series X in installments, but the offer at Cyberport is sold out online. Media Markt and Saturn also offer Xbox All Access, but only in local markets. If there is a shop near you, pay it a visit – or call in advance to inquire about the possibilities. Check availability at Cyberport* Advertisement With Xbox All Access, you pay 33 euros a month for two years for the Xbox Series X with Game Pass Ultimate.

    Xbox Series S always available

    Otherwise, fans can still order the cheaper Xbox Series S. The dealers usually undercut the RRP of 300 euros. You can currently get the console for 269 euros from Amazon and Microsoft, Otto asks 99 cents more. This is the current best price at which you can really strike. Compared to the Series X you save between 230 and 350 euros. At 269 euros* advert At 269 euros* advert At 290 euros* advert At 288 euros* advert At Cyberport 295 euros* advert At 270 euros* advert

    You should keep an eye on these dealers

    If you haven’t had any luck so far, you should continue to check the stocks of various retailers. The following links will take you directly to the Xbox listings of well-known retailers.

    Buy Xbox Series X for 500 euros

    Xbox Series X with o2 Free M 20 GB* At Saturn, customers could use a trick to order the Xbox Series X for a short time. It was possible to scroll down to a data comparison of the X and S models on the product page and still get hold of a console by clicking on the shopping cart symbol. This is no longer possible now, but maybe the trick will work again in the future. Just try it. Can’t find a console at the moment? Microsoft has confirmed that the company will produce new consoles as soon as possible. So patience is still required. Or you can get the cheaper alternative now.

    Buy Xbox Series S from 269 euros

    You can see a clear price difference between the two console models. Don’t be too quickly seduced by the lower price of the S model, because you absolutely have to know the disadvantages before you buy. Read more in our first Xbox Series X vs Xbox Series S comparison.

    Tips to order a new Xbox faster

    Xbox Series X with o2 Free M 20 GB* Fans are currently ordering video game consoles as soon as retailers make them available. So you don’t have much time to buy. We give you a few tips that will increase your chances.

  • Open several shops in the browser and press F5
  • Twitter bot Follow Xbox Bot De
  • Create accounts with shops in advance to save time
  • Sign up for our next-gen console newsletter (below the article)
  • Are you still undecided whether you should rather buy a PlayStation? Then take a look at our comparison of the PS5 with the Xbox Series X. If you keep missing out on available consoles and only find consoles that are sold out, then this is also due to the so-called scalpers. They buy up available contingents in a targeted manner in order to later sell them on platforms such as eBay at a significantly higher price.

    Buy Xbox games cheaper

    If you already have a console or it’s on its way to you, you’re probably already looking for games. We’ll tell you how to buy games for the Xbox Series X as cheaply as possible. Xbox Series X in the test Microsoft’s next-gen console The Xbox Series X has often been called the most powerful console ever. In the test you will find out why this should be the case and also what we think is better than Sony’s new PS5.

    Accessories for Xbox Series X

    Xbox Series X accessories are also available. For example, the new Xbox Series X Wireless Controller M is available for around 60 euros. The battery for the pad is already significantly cheaper. The external SSD memory card for the new Xbox consoles is also available. You pay 240 euros for such an expansion from Seagate with one terabyte of memory. You can get them a little cheaper here. If you get a brand new Xbox and have set it up, there could be various difficulties such as error messages, as is usually the case with a console launch. In that case, take a look at our Xbox Series X problem and solution article. You might find the solution to an acute problem in just a few seconds. Set up Xbox Series X Setup You can easily set up your Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S. We will tell you important information for the start of your new Microsoft console. After buying a new console and several games, you might want to start saving again. We reveal how to avoid hitting your electric bill by putting your Xbox Series X on power mode.

    PS5 also in great demand

    And what about the competition? The PS5 is also sold out almost everywhere. Until you get hold of a copy, get your first impressions in our test report on the PS5.
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