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Xbox boss Phil Spencer comments on toxic gamers and the relationship with Activision Blizzard – ntower

Phil Spencer

Phil Spencer In his function as Xbox boss, he repeatedly comments on a wide variety of topics in the video game world. Some time ago he called on the industry, among others, to make a joint effort to Get history of video games through emulation.In a major interview with the New York Times, reported by VGC and Eurogamer, Spencer now addresses current controversies in the industry. For one, he was on the Working Relationship Between Microsoft and Activision Blizzard addressed. The company, which is known for major brands such as Call of Duty and Diablo, has been under criticism for some time. Former and current employees of the group speak of systematic discrimination and sometimes make serious allegations against the company’s leaders. The console manufacturers Microsoft and Sony were also shocked when the allegations became known (we reported). Despite the clear criticism of Activision Blizzard and the conditions there, both manufacturers still maintain working relationships with the group. Spencer countered that things have changed in the relationship with the corporation:

Quote Of course, I will not speak publicly about working with a business partner like Activision. We have changed certain things in our cooperation and they are also aware of this fact.

Spencer emphasized that Xbox has also made mistakes in the past. The industry has a responsibility to ensure that
grievances are openly communicated be able. Secure forms of reporting misconduct and other things are central to this. Overall, the culture in the industry has to change in order to react to the problems.

Cross-platform player bans?

But not only large companies like Activision Blizzard are criticized for their behavior. Individual players in the gaming community also attract attention with aggressive behavior or insults. With a view to this problem, Sepncer calls for cross-platform cooperation between console manufacturers. One must consider whether it is possible cross-platform locks enforce against people who behave toxically. How do you rate Spencer’s statements? In your opinion, how can these problems be solved? Credit: VGC, Eurogamer

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