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WWE Hall Of Famer Mick Foley Booking Matches On This Week’s NXT


“NXT” will aim to accomplish two things starting with this Tuesday night’s show — to sort through the aftermatch of a two-week Halloween Havoc event and to begin the build toward December’s Deadline card, which is set to feature the return of the Iron Survivor Challenge. While “NXT” general manager Shawn Michaels may be a bit busy navigating the former, he’s calling upon some help from a fellow WWE Hall of Famer to put together matches this week that’ll qualify entrants for the Challenge. 

Mick Foley shared via X (formerly Twitter) that he’s been empowered to book bouts, and he wasted no time slotted two of them onto Tuesday evening’s card. First up, he paired former “NXT” Women’s Champion Tiffany Stratton up with Fallon Henley in what Foley believes is a proper display of the women’s division’s strong depth. Additionally, he lined up Dijak and Tyler Bate to step into the ring with one another in another clash of styles that he thinks will deliver exciting results. 

The Iron Survivor Challenge was introduced last year — with a long list of rules that makes up the match concept. The 25-minute match begins with two competitors. A new competitor then joins the action every five minutes until the full field of five has entered. The goal is to score the most falls by the end of the match duration. Falls can be registered at any time via pinfall, submission, or disqualification. However, there is also a penalty box where anyone who suffers a lost fall must sit for 90 seconds, rendering them ineligible to score any falls during that time. 

That match is Frankenstein’d together from parts of an Iron Man Match, the Royal Rumble, and the King of the Mountain Match. Last year’s winners were Roxanne Perez and Grayson Waller in their respective women’s and men’s matches.