Home Business & Finance Workers are on strike for the first time in decades

Workers are on strike for the first time in decades

Workers are on strike for the first time in decades

Among other things, employees at the Dutch Heineken brewery are demanding higher wages. So they stopped work for a day. The special thing: It was the first strike in almost 30 years. Workers at the Heineken brewery in the Netherlands have gone on strike for the first time in decades. In two breweries in the cities of Den Bosch and Zouterwoude, a total of 250 employees stopped work for a day on Friday, according to Dutch media reports. Heineken stopped production at the two breweries. There had previously been no agreement in the negotiations on higher wages. Dutch trade union federation FNV spokesman Niels Suijker told AFP the workers’ demand was below inflation. Heineken offered an increase of 3.5 percent. Inflation in the Netherlands reached 5.7 percent in December. The union is also calling for better pension schemes and permanent positions. A representative of the Heineken management told broadcaster NOS that the company would like to continue negotiations. The strike was “premature”.

The last strike was almost 30 years ago

The company representative assured that the supply of beer to the supermarkets was not at risk. The warehouses are well stocked. Bars and restaurants in the Netherlands are currently closed due to the corona pandemic. Heineken is the second largest brewery group in the world. The last strike at the company in the Netherlands was in 1994. At that time, workers occupied the factory gates for days and worried the country that there could be a shortage of beer on Queen Beatrix’s birthday.

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