Home Politics Wolf followed young woman in carport: “I was shaking all over”

Wolf followed young woman in carport: “I was shaking all over”

Wolf followed young woman in carport:

A young woman looked into the eyes of a wolf standing right next to her car when she got out of this narrow carport on Thursday evening. © private A wolf followed a young woman from Hünxe (Wesel district) to the carport. When she got out of the car, she suddenly looked into the wolf’s eyes: “My whole body was shaking.” A young woman from Hünxe suffered a terrible shock on Thursday evening (January 13). As she reported to the Gahlen Citizens’ Forum, she drove her car into her carport in a yard in Hünxe at around 7:38 p.m. “I quickly packed my things in my bag, took my bag from the passenger seat and wanted to get out.” She opened the door and “looked into the eyes of a wolf”. He was about a meter and a half away from her. “I cried out, closed the door straight away and called for help over the phone, terrified.”

light was on

The plot of land on which the Hünxerin’s carport is located is fenced in, and the light on the front doors was said to have been switched on. “There is also a light with a motion detector on my carport, which turned on when I drove in.” When the parents came into the yard, the wolf was gone, the citizens’ forum quotes the Hünxerin as saying. She first had to digest the shock: “I trembled all over.” The supposed shyness of wolves from humans should probably cast doubt on the Hünxerin from now on.

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