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Wizards Unveil 2023-24 NBA City Edition Uniform


WASHINGTON, D.C. – In partnership with Nike and the NBA, the Washington Wizards unveiled their City Edition uniformpresented by Robinhood for the 2023-24 season. The new jersey recognizes and celebrates the history of the District through their Boundary Stone-inspired uniform. The Wizards will debut the new uniforms on Friday, Nov. 10, when the team plays its first home In-Season Tournament game against the Charlotte Hornets.

“We are proud to bring what we think is an under told story of our great city’s history into the forefront” said Monumental Sports & Entertainment Chief Marketing Officer Hunter Lochmann. “Not many NBA jerseys can claim inspiration from the father of our country, George Washington, as well as highlight the work of a historic figure in Benjamin Banneker whose name adorns many D.C. institutions.  These boundary stones defined the District that is displayed on our jersey and gives our city its nickname. We are looking forward to seeing these on the court and helping to educate our fanbase on part of our city’s history, ultimately the goal of these NBA City Edition jerseys.”

In 1790, the Resident Act allowed President George Washington to locate a 10 x 10-mile diamond plat of land donated from Maryland and Virginia along the Potomac River to form the new Nation’s Capital. Beginning in 1791, Andrew Ellicott and a team of surveyors, including African American mathematician and astronomer Benjamin Banneker, placed forty stone markers to line the original boundary of Washington, D.C. The boundary stones were the first monuments purchased by the United States government. More information on the boundary stones and Benjamin Banneker can be found here.

The 2023-24 Wizards City Edition jersey leans into the past, with black, anthracite, red accents, and patina design around the trim of the jersey. The copper, teal, and red colorway signify both the old and new. The copper and teal patinaed pattern symbolize the oxidized metal fencing that now protects the stones as well as the natural flora that surround many of the stones. The District of Columbia written across the chest is featured from the Old English Blackletter font family to illustrate the typeface used on 18thcentury maps of the 1800s. On the buckle of the shorts, “DMV” is highlighted in the same font style, continuing the Wizards tradition of being the first local franchise to incorporate DMV on a jersey. 

The red color used for the stars and piping connect the Boundary Stone uniform with the red found in current Wizards jerseys. The red piping with anthracite interior forms a diamond shape across the front and back of the uniform as a nod to the original 10 x 10-mile diamond boundary shape of the Nation’s Capital. Three of the six red stars displayed represent Washington’s Coats of Arms and the remaining three are a tribute to Banneker’s triangulation positioning of the first stone. The jersey also features six distinct teal north star compasses above the NBA tag to symbolize the survey instruments Banneker and Ellicott used. 

The Wizards’ City Edition logo can be found on the side of the shorts and features a twist on the team’s  classic ball logo design, with the new logo in the City Edition colorway and the Washington Monument replaced by a boundary stone. In addition, six total red stars surround the logo, with three framing each side to represent the current three-star design on the Washington, D.C. flag.

The team will also unveil a City Edition thematic court which will be used concurrently with the team’s City Edition jersey on non-in-season tournament games. The Wizards’ Boundary Stone-inspired court, along with Boundary Stone branding throughout the arena, will be unveiled on Friday, Dec. 15, when the team hosts the Indiana Pacers.  

The Wizards will wear the Boundary Stone jerseys on the following dates:

Fans will be able to purchase the Boundary Stone jersey at shop.monumentalnetwork.com and at the Capital One Arena Team Store starting on Nov. 2. In addition, fans can also stock up on all their City Edition merchandise needs with new Boundary Stone-inspired hoodies, t-shirts, and hats. 

Washington will release numerous City Edition giveaways throughout the season. Giveaways include a camo beanie in the Wizards City Edition colors for Military Night (Dec.15), a plush blanket featuring the Wizards’ City Edition logo (Dec. 26), a City Edition-inspired hat, designed by Tyus Jones (Dec. 27), a Jordan Poole bobblehead courtesy of MedStar Health (Feb. 2), a boundary stone building block set (Feb. 25), and a fan appreciation t-shirt (Apr. 12). In addition, as part of the DMV bobblehead series, on Mar. 17 the first 10,000 fans in attendance will receive a Pusha T City Edition bobblehead.