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With East-West Metro on the Cards, Choose Jiva for Better Connectivity – PS Group


The dream of owning a home where Metro connectivity is nearby is now going to become a reality soon. With the East-West Metro in the pipeline, PS Jiva emerges as the preferred option for home buyers planning to invest in 4 BHK apartments in Phoolbagan.


4 BHK Apartments in Phoolbagan

Ideal for big families and multi-generational living, spacious homes with wide-open spaces fit the needs of professionals, children, and the elderly. Currently, under construction, PS Jiva provides an opportunity to invest in real estate. Since families want to spend more time together and have their privacy, bigger homes are better to keep the family together. Inclusive design offers a great opportunity to bring people together. PS Jiva is known for love, harmony, and bliss during family time. This credo provides the same living experience to all residents despite their different needs. 


Ease of Connectivity 

PS Jiva is centrally located in a prime space, just 700 metres away from the Phoolbagan-Beliaghata crossing in Kolkata. Beliaghata Main Road is one of Kolkata’s major roads connecting EM Bypass to Central Kolkata. Railway station and airport are also within reach. For commute purposes, public transport is easily available in the area and the nearest Metro station is the Phoolbagan Metro station. With the East-West Metro corridor coming up, the location is going to become popular with the people who can think of staying here and taking the Metro to commute to the workplace instead of shifting to the peripheral areas. 


Lap of Nature 

Finding an oasis of peace in the city with greenery is what every home buyer looks for. While selecting residential apartments in Kolkata, they seek homes closer to nature. PS Jiva has been designed to bring nature into the living space. With spacious apartments and world-class amenities, home buyers get the scope to enjoy the natural ponds filled with indigenous fish, water gardens, floating patios, and sun decks on the premises. PS Jiva makes residents feel the calmness in the middle of the city. Striking an ideal balance between nature and modernity is an integral part of the human experience.


Since water is a life-giving force, PS Jiva is built around ghats, natural ponds, floating gardens, and moon garden. The six natural water ponds cover 45 percent of the area. Another 20 percent is covered in green spaces. 12 percent of the area is covered in walkways that allow residents to spend time in natural spaces. Just 25 percent of PS Jiva has built-up structures. Surrounded by water, the intelligently designed homes have optimum space coupled with a sense of luxury. With water, wind, trees, and birds as the companions, these 4 BHK apartments in Phoolbagan epitomise everything connected with luxurious living. 


Health and Comfort 

PS Jiva makes every possible effort to provide the utmost comfort and convenience to residents. The building orientation is planned to ensure there is ample natural light and ventilation in all homes. Common areas use low VOC paints for zero-emission of harmful chemical fumes. Native plants are chosen for landscaping, to showcase the efforts to preserve the natural biodiversity of the area. Indigenous fish are present in the natural ponds for pest control. The roof tiles have a high solar reflective index so that they do not heat the houses too much. The air conditioners are CFC-free. Pedestrian walkways throughout the complex maximize the safety of residents. All blocks are fitted with high-speed passenger elevators. Architectural excellence is the pursuit that has given shape to unique residential spaces furnished with natural light and ventilation. 



Designed with residents in mind, the needs and preferences of residents are met at PS Jiva. The indoor amenities comprise a banquet hall, a well-equipped gymnasium for fitness, a massage room and a steam and sauna room to relax, an internet café for those who work on the go or seek a change of workplace, a kid’s playroom, a reading room, a recreation center, and guest rooms. For those interested in sports there is an open badminton court and a swimming pool.



The safety of family at PS Jiva is not a worry for residents as there are many security features. All common areas have a fire hydrant system. Fire escape staircases present in all buildings are fitted with fire-rated doors. An addressable fire detection system and fire sprinkler systems are installed in all common areas. The entry points to the premises have security cabins and boom barriers. The complex has IP-based CCTV surveillance, and all elevators have seismic sensors. All apartments have video door phones. 



PS Jiva, a property in Beliaghata Main Road Kolkata, is located in one of the most prominent residential areas in Kolkata. Phoolbagan and Beliaghata are close to Park Street and Kankurgachi, which are vibrant with entertainment outlets. It is well-connected by roads and public transportation to all commercial hubs of Kolkata. The nearby hospitals are the Apollo Hospital and the AMRI Hospital Salt Lake. Many reputed schools are located in the vicinity including the Loreto Day School and Don Bosco Park Circus.


On account of its strategic location, many residents find their dream residential flats at PS Jiva. Those looking for residential apartments in Phoolbagan should explore this option for healthy living with luxury intact. It is rapidly becoming the go-to choice for families searching for 4 BHK apartments in Phoolbagan.