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Will PMP certification help?

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Sharpen your talent and skills in the respective domain!

Earning money and having a profound life is one of the essential things why a person works. But people with better educational qualifications and work experience have more job opportunities and better salaries than people who lack academic excellence. Suppose you like to improve your salary prospects. In that case, it is good to add additional certifications. As there is a boom in job creation, this will offer better salaries in positions like supervisors, team leaders, or managers. Let’s discuss how PMP certification would help you reach your career goal in Project management?

The Project Management Institute (PMI) is the most widely recognized Project management based certifying organization. It was established in 1969 in Pennsylvania, USA, and started conducting Project Management Professional (PMP) exam and licensing professionals. Professionals with four years of experience or above are eligible to take the PMP exam and with two to four years of experience can get CAPM certification. Over the years, the number of organizations across the industries accepting PMP certification is increasing. Let us look into the advantages of PMI certification. This certification would help candidates during resume screening, which is the first step in hiring an employee in any organization.

There is a sizable increase in the number of organizations openings that are requesting PMP credentials for their first rejection point. As a certified professional, it provides a reason for Human Resource in assuming that you know or learned the project life cycle’s nitty grits. With conceptual knowledge that you will gain while training, would help you in managing projects effectively. As the examination intends to check candidates’ communication, presentation skills, and group discussions, it will be easier for firms to judge their capabilities.

Each and every year, there is an exponential increase in candidates applying for PMP certification. With increasing awareness students and professionals from different countries are taking up this examination. Currently candidates from around 125 countries appear for the PMP exam each year. If you consider appearing in this examination, it is advisable to take training from PMI certified institutions which are available in both offline and online mode. These institutions prepare candidates according to the changing exam pattern and industrial requirements.

This test will sharpen your talent and skills in your respective domain according to technology driven changes. Many multinational companies hire only those who possess this kind of skill and abilities to carry complicated tasks. Candidates with certification would have the skills to serve their clients and customers in a better way. They would also be in a position to help his or her employees to develop pertaining skills and talents. The other reason to have PMP certification is a better salary depicting that you are a dedicated and valuable person to the organization. Also, it is evidence of candidates’ expertise in performance.

Another advantage of having PMP is that it provides more job opportunities in your specific sphere. It not only enhances confidence within the customer but also enhances the marketability of individuals and organizations. The exam training would provide 35 hours of Project Management education before attempting the exam. The exam duration would be four hours, including 200 questions generated randomly, with a maximum mark of 175. To qualify one has to get 141 correct answers. A recent survey about PMI’s latest salaries in six significant countries revealed that managers with this certificate have a $10,000 salary advantage over non-certified project managers.

Obtaining a PMP certification is considered an investment in a particular domain. You have to undergo a lot of serious training, and many believe this certification is a good chance of getting a job promotion. Though it is expensive, most people think this is an excellent opportunity to decide on a career change as this certification would provide more career opportunities. As you would undergo training to improve the company’s business profits, companies reward professional PMP certification with more salary. The salary offered to professionals with PMP certification is quite a lot and have better savings.


Another advantage of the PMP certification course is that you can stand out from the crowd quite easily in your workplace. You will be able to show your abilities in handling projects better, which are learnt through rigorous course contents that will help boost your managerial abilities to a great extent. With proficiency in handling teams and projects very efficiently, it will add value to you individually and the firm. This PMP certificate is accepted globally, so you are able to prove your potential in handling projects across more than 250 countries. With a wide range of industries accepting the certification from telecom to construction companies having a Project Management Professional certificate is a very good add on for your prosperous career.