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Why We Believe in Organic Formula For Your Baby

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There are many reasons to use the organic baby formula Canada for your baby, but none of them is as clear cut as what is best for your child’s health. In this article, we’ll look at Kendamil, HiPP, and Earth’s Best.

Earth’s Best

The ingredients list for Earth’s Best Organic Formula is pretty long. It contains some synthetic nutrients, palm oil, and a lot of soy. Additionally, the formula contains added syrup solids. The formula should not be used for infants who are already sensitive to certain chemicals. Still, it is a good choice for infants up to twelve months of age and is safe to use through the first year of life.

One of the things to look out for when choosing an organic formula for your baby is whether or not it uses hexane in the extraction process. This chemical has been under fire for its use in organic formulas, and the Cornucopia Institute cites Earth’s Best as an example of this practice.


Kendamil Classic infant formula is produced in the English Lake District from minimally processed ingredients. All ingredients are sourced from local family farms. Fresh whole milk and lactose from grass-fed cows are the key ingredients. Kendal Classic also contains natural MFGM, which promotes infant cognition.

In addition, Kendal uses plant-based DHA and omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for brain and eye development. However, fish oil can cause allergic reactions in children, so Kendamil sources these nutrients from plant-based pure marine algae. The company also avoids palm oil, which is a controversial ingredient due to its high levels of saturated fats.

The company has been working with the FDA for nearly five years and is in the final stages of a human trial. Human trials are necessary for new manufacturers to be able to sell their products in the U.S. But, despite this snag, the FDA has assured Kendamil that they will remain on the market for a long time.

Baby’s Only

Organic Formula for Baby’s Only is a nutritionally balanced nutritional formula that can be used for babies and toddlers up to one year of age. It is recommended that parents use Baby’s Only Organic according to their child’s healthcare professional’s instructions. The formula is free from gluten, artificial ingredients and other preservatives.

The company is committed to creating a formula that is as close as possible to the breast milk it is based on. The formula contains Omega-3s, which are proven to be beneficial for your baby. It is also kosher and contains no BPA. Unlike many other brands of organic infant formula, this formula contains no animal fat.

Earth’s Best is one of the original organic formulas on the market. It has recently undergone several improvements based on parent feedback and changes in the FDA and USDA guidelines. It contains nonfat cow’s milk, whey protein concentrate, four oils, and a mucilage-free prebiotic. Its macronutrient profile is similar to breast milk.


HiPP believes in producing organic Nannycare formula Canada that is 100% natural, and they are committed to using only organic ingredients. They also practice sustainability, using only recycled packaging and recyclable materials, and are carbon-neutral in production. That makes HiPP one of the most natural, organic formulas available. This formula helps babies grow strong and healthy, and it can be easily used by both moms and dads.

HiPP formulas are crafted with high-quality, organic ingredients, and meet strict standards for nutritional content and safety. They are considered one of the finest formulas in Europe, and they do not contain antibiotics, pesticides, or other harmful ingredients. HiPP pays special attention to the raw materials used to create their formula, choosing the right seeds, soil, and milk.


Kabrita is a great alternative for infant formula. It contains high amounts of calcium, vitamin D, and fat, and is rich in prebiotics and beneficial bacteria. Plus, it is made from goat milk, making it a healthier choice than most infant formulas. While Kabrita is a popular alternative for infants, it should not be used as a sole source of infant nutrition.

In order to produce Kabrita, a farmer must be a member of a Dutch goat milk dairy association. The milk is then processed into a milk product that mimics breast milk, which is ideal for babies with special nutritional needs. The result is a formula with a delicious taste and aroma.