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Why sales business needs an employee tracking app

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Mobile technology has opened the doors to Employee Tracking app for employees, which allows managers to know their team’s location at any time, especially in fields such as sales and deliveries where there might be several customers visit every day.
Not only does the  Employee Monitoring Software allows for monitoring staff location, but the data provided by it makes it easier for managers to mentor and reporting easy.
While it is important for businesses to have a policy in place outlining when the tracking would take place, with the most Employee Tracking app it is possible to stop automatic data capture by simply “killing” or logging out of the app.
Travelize is an easy-to-implement GPS tracking software for employees that offer all the benefits listed above at an affordable price.
The Travelize mobile app is available for Android devices, allowing workers to use their own smartphones or tablets. This makes it easy to justify the implementation of Employee Tracking app given the benefits it provides, both for management and for workers alike, such as:
• Real-time tracking of field personnel from browser-based dashboards
• Automatic Meeting information collection.
• Executives can plan and optimize their customer rounds on their own mobile devices, saving time and mileage.
• Significant reduction or even total elimination of off-hours reporting.