Home Health Why Omicron is much more dangerous than we think

Why Omicron is much more dangerous than we think

Why Omicron is much more dangerous than we think


January 14, 2022 – 1:27 p.m. This morning, in a special session, the Federal Council decided on new quarantine and entry regulations in the wake of the corona pandemic. Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) was also invited, and in his speech he mentioned the Omicron virus variant, among other things.reading tip: All current information on the corona virus can be found in our live ticker on RTL.de

Omicron is spreading way too fast

Lauterbauch pointed out to the Federal Council that many people still underestimate Omikron. According to Lauterbach, current studies are also to blame. These include both a current study by Berkeley University in California and a British study from December 2021. Both examined the hospitalization rate of omicron-infected people. It turned out that only half of all Omikron-infected people come to the hospital and only a quarter to the intensive care unit. According to the British study by London’s Imperial College, the probability of ending up in the hospital would be up to 45 percent lower than with Delta. One would think, according to Lauterbach, that Omikron would be closer to the flu than to the corona pandemic. “That is not the case!”, however, emphasizes the Minister of Health. Because Omikron cannot be limited to the previous contact restrictions. That means: Omikron spreads much, much faster than Delta – the number of Omikron infected people doubles every five days. “With a quarter of the burden of intensive care medicine, you still have a lot more people in intensive care than with the Delta variant,” summarizes Lauterbach.

The second problem: unvaccinated people in intensive care units

But that’s not the only problem Lauterbach mentions. He also points out that the people who come to the hospital and intensive care unit with Omikron are mainly elderly people who are also not vaccinated. “We have to be prepared!” Appeals Lauterbach. A high mortality rate from the omicron wave cannot be ruled out. So far, Lauterbach has rated the cooperation between the federal and state governments as very positive and hopes, despite the omicron, to defuse the corona pandemic in Germany in the coming months. The Federal Council unanimously approved both the new entry and quarantine regulations. (jbu)Reading tip: Throat or nose swab? These errors lead to incorrect corona test results

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