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Why Must You Explore Dhow Cruise in Dubai?

Dhow Cruise in Dubai

First-time visitors to Dubai often go back with an unsatisfied experience. This is because there is too much to explore and enjoy in the region, and you cannot accomplish it in a limited single tour. The best way to feel satisfied and content with your trip is by mindfully planning your adventures and activities.

Cruising is the highlight of Dubai. Giving up on the Dhow cruise for next time is something you will regret until you return. So, do not take the risk and learn about the highlights of the Dhow cruise. After that, you will not be able to resist booking your seats and dreaming of the experience.

Dig deeper into the details of this article to learn why you must explore the Dhow cruise in Dubai and plan your trip to make time for it accordingly.

Top 7 Highlights of Must Explore Dhow Cruise in Dubai

Dubai is full of all sorts of indoor and outdoor experiences. The Dhow cruise is one such experience without which your trip will be incomplete. Cruising through Dubai creek and marina can help you enjoy the best sights, atmosphere, and time of your life.

Here are the major highlights of the must-explore Dhow cruise in Dubai, which can motivate you to reserve your slot immediately.

1). Sightseeing

Sightseeing is the ultimate highlight of the Dhow cruise experience, which makes it a must-visit place in Dubai. You can cruise through the old and new districts of Dubai according to the experience you opt for. The constant thing is the exceptional experience of seeing the sparkling lights of the beautiful buildings of the region. Most people explore online platforms to buy Dubai tickets for such wonderful experiences and ensure they do not miss the opportunity.

2). Traditional Welcome

Dubai is famous for its modern lifestyle and the latest trends related to every field of life. However, it does not mean the city has erased all the signs of its traditional past. One of the major highlights of the Dhow cruise, which makes it a must-visit, is the traditional welcome offered to the guests. You will be greeted by professionals who will help you get seated and become comfortable. You will also enjoy traditional Arabic coffee or some other drink along with dates.

3). Endless Music with Onboard DJ

Cruising through the best landscape of Dubai while enjoying the best food will seem annoying if you are only left with the buzzing sound of other guests. So, the authorities have added flavor and excitement to the experience through music. The Dhow cruise accompanies endless music with a DJ onboard who plays the music according to the requests of the guests. You can make your special moments even more memorable with your favorite music and enjoy the time.

4). Traditional Tanura Dance Performance

One of the major highlights of the Dhow cruise, which makes it a must-explore in Dubai, is the traditional Tanura dance performance. If munching on the feast seems dull and boring to you, you do not have to worry, as the Dhow cruise will not let you get bored. The traditional Tanura dance performance will keep you engaged and entertained. You should never miss the performance if you want to get a glimpse of the traditions of the region.

5). Open Air Seating

Dhow cruise allows open-air seating on the deck, which is ideal for youngsters and young couples. The cold breeze will help you enjoy the weather along with the beautiful sights around you. You will not be trapped in the smell of food but will only get enough to feel excited and hungry. The open-air seating also provides the best backdrop for some photography. You can even go live through social media platforms and share the experience with your followers.

6). Air Conditioned Seating

The Dhow cruise in Dubai is designed for people of all age groups. Staying out in the open during chilly nights is the biggest concern of older people as it negatively impacts their health and trip. This is why Dhow cruise offers air-conditioned covered seating on the lower deck. It ensures you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and sights through the glass. So, you can easily opt for it if you are not too comfortable on the open upper deck.

7). Arabic Buffet Dinner

Arabic buffet dinner is the last but most crucial highlight of the Dhow cruise, which is the absolute best too. The purpose of the Dhow cruise is to let the guests enjoy the cruising experience with scrumptious dinner feats. The buffet dinner includes an Arabian and continental feast with everything hard to resist. You can grab Dubai tickets and plan a Dhow cruise experience to enjoy the most delicious dinner in the perfect atmosphere and enjoy great family time.

Wondering how to reserve your seats?

You can explore online platforms to explore the vast range of experiences you can enjoy in Dubai. Do not forget to book your tickets, choose the best time slots, and prepare for your trip.