Home Entertainment Who pays his court costs in the abuse process?

Who pays his court costs in the abuse process?

Who pays his court costs in the abuse process?

London. Britain’s Prince Andrew has failed in his attempt to stop a US lawsuit over abuse allegations. A court in New York rejected objections by Andrew’s lawyers, according to a statement on Wednesday. The Queen’s second eldest son’s lawyers had hoped to nip the lawsuit in the bud, citing a settlement plaintiff Virginia Giuffre made with US multi-millionaire Jeffrey Epstein in 2009. With the stripping of his military titles on Thursday, the palace also said Prince Andrew will now likely face a “private citizen” trial. That means he won’t get official Crown funding for it – and the process could be expensive: According to “Daily MailHis court costs (including attorneys’ fees) could run as high as $6 million. Money Andrew does not own, the newspaper reports.

Prince Andrew gets no public funds

As Andrew himself once pointed out, he has not received any public funds for many years. The taxpayer would have borne only the official trips as British special representative for trade and investment and the security service. Otherwise, he lived on funds from his mother Queen Elizabeth II, personal investments, legacies from family members such as the late Queen Mother and his naval pension, according to the British newspaper. Although the prince lives in a 30-room villa near Windsor Castle, this is not his property, but owned by the British Crown. Andrew has entered into a 100 year lease.

How much money is left from the sale of his ski chalet?

He still owns an £18million ski chalet that he bought with his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson about five years ago. However, he has to give up the house in the Swiss Alps because he and his ex-wife could not pay the second installment of 5 million pounds, writes the Daily Mail. Although they settled their debts with the seller, who went to court, in November 2021, another sale is already underway. It is unclear how much money he has left after deducting all expenses from the resale of the house. British media have already suspected that the Queen recently helped her son financially for legal fees. It is questionable whether she will do the same in the event of a trial. In any case, there will be no official funding from the crown.

Comparison is considered unlikely

Agreeing on a settlement with the plaintiff Virginia Giuffre is considered unlikely, Royal experts agree, since this would be tantamount to an admission of guilt and could possibly be even more expensive than the court costs.

Andrew is said to have sexually abused Giuffre when he was a minor

Virginia Giuffre accuses Andrew, now 61, of repeatedly abusing her through Epstein’s mediation. She says she was previously a victim of an abuse ring set up by the multimillionaire and his ex-partner Ghislaine Maxwell. Maxwell was recently found guilty of multiple counts in a criminal proceeding and faces a long prison sentence. Prince Andrew has always denied the allegations against him.

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