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who is out The sheep had to go in episode 2

 who is out  The sheep must go after episode 2

Jan 14, 2022 @ 3:33pm

Celebrity show: The sheep trots off the floor on “The Masked Dancer”.

11 pictures “The Masked Dancer” – who is out? Photo: dpa/Rolf Vennenbernd Cologne In the second episode of the ProSieben show “The Masked Dancer”, the character of the sheep had to peel off the fur. A celebrity who is best known for his clout danced in the costume.

Former boxer Axel Schulz was revealed as a sheep on the ProSieben show “The Masked Dancer”. The 53-year-old received too few votes from the viewers on Thursday evening and therefore had to take off his mask, under which he had shown dances unrecognized for a long time on the show. “The great thing is that you can fool around underneath it,” Schulz summarized the advantages of the latently stupid-looking animal that he had embodied. 9 pictures These are the costumes in “The Masked Dancer” Photo: dpa/Willi Weber In fact, the sheep was particularly convincing because of its comedy. The jury – when Schulz was not yet unmasked – had given partly devastating judgments about the dancing qualities. “The sheep definitely looks as if it was always the last choice in physical education,” said presenter Johanna Klum, who also called the performance “a dance avoidance program.” Moderator Steven Gätjen also stated that the sheep on the dance floor was “limitedly talented”. Schulz took it with a lot of humor. “My dance teacher, I think she’s gone crazy. Because you have to know the steps,” he said. “And I can’t do that shit.” He actually took part in the show because he wanted to learn to dance. “But it didn’t work out.” He was happy anyway. The ex-professional boxer was the second celebrity to leave the show. Last week, singer Ute Lemper was exposed as a firefly. On the show, celebrities hide under lavish disguises. The jury and the audience try to guess their true identity based on their dances and with the help of clues. For a long time nobody came up with the name of Schulz, who was also called the “soft giant” and who gained great popularity in the 90s, although he never won an important international title. Unforgotten is his fight against the then aged boxing top dog George Foreman, which he fought in Las Vegas in 1995. Schulz, a colossus who always plays broadly in Berlin, lost on points in a very controversial manner. But defeat made him great. That the sheep could be a boxer became apparent on the show when a video with circumstantial evidence featured the letters “OK” and suggested reading them backwards. So: knockout – and known in boxing as a knockout. While singer Alexander Klaws guessed Henry Maske in the guessing team, his colleague Steven Gätjen settled on Schulz at the very end and scored a hit. However, other names had previously been negotiated extensively, such as that of TV presenter Jörg Pilawa.

Still in competition on “The Masked Dancer” are a dancing colored pencil, a monkey, a muscular superhero named Maximum Power, a mouse and a kind of mop that ProSieben named Zottel. The coming weeks will show who is in the costumes. Click here for the photo gallery: “The Masked Dancer” – who is out? (peng/dpa)

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