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Which is safe storage service suitable for? | Movers Dubai


The activities of various firms, organizations, trading companies require the storage of products, goods, products. However, not every organization has its own storage facilities. The construction and completion of warehouses with equipment, technical equipment requires huge investments. Renting a warehouse often turns out to be unprofitable: you have to pay for the entire area of ​​the premises, regardless of the percentage of its use, and maintain an additional staff of workers.

A convenient and economically viable alternative is responsible warehouse storage. Commercial products are located in one place, which is maximally adapted for safety, taking into account the characteristics of the cargo.

storage service in Dubai from Stock Trading are suitable:

  • enterprises that do not have their own storage facilities;
  • firms that need additional storage space;
  • enterprises for temporary storage of products during one-time purchases, seasonal turnover of goods.

An agreement is concluded between the parties, the document stipulates and prescribes the conditions, terms and features of the storage service in the warehouse. The company-owner of the cargo eliminates the problems of warehousing and minimizes logistics costs.

Stages of responsible storage of goods

The cycle of warehousing services for safekeeping is divided into several operations:

  1. Unloading and acceptance of goods. Unloading works are carried out mechanically and manually. Upon receipt, the product is checked for defects, the integrity of the packaging is monitored. The presence of detected damage is documented by an act and recorded by photographing. Cargoes arriving in bulk are accepted by the piece and formed into pallets;
  2. Accommodation. The goods entrusted to warehouse storage are placed taking into account the norms applicable to a specific category of goods. Shelving, small-cell and floor storage is used;
  3. Transfer of cargo to the client. Upon the expiration of the term for the provision of the warehouse service, the goods are transferred to the owner. Completion of cargo. The process can include operations such as labeling, weighing, sticking, packing.

Payment is charged for one pallet (cell) per day. Tariffs for other warehouse operations are set separately. We try to keep the cost of safekeeping services in the market prices, while maintaining high quality.

A transparent pricing policy, full material responsibility for the goods received, a highly professional integrated approach to organizing warehousing and responsible storage is our credo.

We invite interested clients to mutually beneficial cooperation. Includes a full range of operational and warehouse processing of goods for online stores: acceptance of goods and storage in a warehouse, selection of goods for incoming orders, their assembly and packaging, shipment of orders for delivery.

·         You can visit the movers Dubai  warehouse at any time convenient for you and / or receive the information you are interested in by phone;

·         The goods are placed on special racks in a convenient order for packaging, which allows us to guarantee the integrity of the packaging and goods during storage;

·         We are responsible for the quality of the equipment. If our employees made a mistake, we are ready to compensate for each such case;

·         A heated warehouse in a closed area, with a video surveillance system, guarantees the safety of your goods.

·         Personal manager and service desk for customer service – none of your requests will go unnoticed. The company’s managers will promptly answer any of your questions;

·         Personal account, where you can see current orders with statuses, returns and product balances in real time;

·         Solution in one window. Storage and delivery in the interface of one company;

·         The company’s warehouse is ready to receive goods from Monday to Saturday;


u     Dubai movers will assemble your orders in the packaging provided by your online store, or in your own, at your request;

·         You can pick up and bring goods in any volume.