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What is the best age to get hair transplant?


Quite often when a patient consults with a surgeon for a hair transplant, his/her first question is about the suitable age to get a transplant. People want to know what the right age to get a transplant surgery is. It is because they fear getting a procedure too soon or too late. The fear of missing out and the fear of getting into things too soon worries them. Hair loss can affect you at any age. According to a report issued by the American Hair Loss Association, approximately two-thirds of men lose hair before turning 35. Moreover, 85% of men start experiencing hair thinning as soon as they touch the 50s. The worst of all is the scenario where men in their early 20s suffer from hair loss. 

Getting bald in your early 20s is the most heartbreaking thing for a young boy. Therefore, people want to know if they should wait for a certain age or they can get a hair transplant at any age. To make things clear for you, we will answer this question below. 

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Right Age to Get Hair Transplant

Hair transplant experts are of the view that men in their early 20s should not opt for hair transplant in Dubai if they are experiencing hair loss. The reason is that at such a young age the cause or pattern of hair loss can be determined. It is crucial to know the cause of hair loss in order to find the most suitable solution. Before performing hair transplant surgery, the surgeon needs to know the type of hair loss, the pattern of hair loss, the severity of the problem, and size of the balding area, etc.  In the early 20’s it is not possible to determine all these factors clearly. 

Therefore, the best age to get hair transplant surgery is 25 or above. 

Is it appropriate to wait?

Yes, it is better to wait to get a hair transplant if you are in your early 20s. Because at this age the hair loss is still progressing. Getting a hair transplant while your hair loss is progressing is not a good idea. It will not only require another surgery but will also result in an unnatural look. 

Your transplanted area will have a permanent strip of hair but the other areas of the scalp will keep on losing hair with time. In such circumstances, you will require a redo that will cost more. For instance, you had a hair transplant at the balding areas but your hair loss pattern persisted. In this case, your donor hair will also lose the ability to sustain a natural hair growth pattern. 

Therefore, avoid a hair transplant before turning 25. 

Alternate Options 

If you are young and are losing hair, you can opt for over-the-counter products. For example, you can use Minoxidil and Finasteride. Both of these products increase the circulation of blood to the scalp and stimulate the growth of new hair. Still, if you feel satisfied then you can opt for a preliminary transplant that makes your hairline dense. However, you will need additional surgery when you grow up.

The Bottom Line 

In short, the best age to undergo hair transplant surgery is 25 years or above. The hair loss stops by this age and your hair loss pattern also becomes clear. Hence, it becomes easier for the surgeon to detect the cause and recommend the best-suited treatment. To get the best results, choose an expert hair transplant surgeon in Dubai because only a certified and experienced surgeon can deliver natural-looking results without creating any complications.