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What Is PMP Certification?

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In the fast growing and ever-changing corporate world, there is something that remains constant and omnipresent. That thing is competition. Especially, in India, with our huge population of youth, the competition can get even more cut throat. And this is the reason why we should keep learning new skills and stay ahead of the crowd. PMP training is the skill that will give you an edge over your competition. PMP certification is the globally recognized and highly reputed certificate provided by PMI in the field of Project management. It is not only necessary but is slowly becoming mandatory for a successful career in project management.

PMP Course encompasses all the areas of expertise needed in project management and it ranges from teaching the definitions of terms and guides established in PMBOK Guide as well as the ten knowledge areas and also the areas of professional and social responsibility.

There are a few criteria that a person needs to fulfill in order to be able to sit for a PMP certification test. He/she should have a 4-year degree, 36 months experience of leading projects and 35 hours of project management training. In case that the person does not possess a 4-year degree, then he should have a secondary degree which is equivalent to a high school diploma or an associate degree. He should also have 60 months experience of leading projects and 35 hours of training. If these criteria are fulfilled then anybody is eligible for the certification test.

The PMP Certification is especially beneficial for people working or aspiring to be working in the field of Associate Project Managers, management Coordinators, analysts, Leaders, Senior Project Managers, Team leaders, Program Managers, Project Sponsors and executive Team members.

The benefits of PMP certification are that it provides the assurance to employers, peers and stakeholders that you know what you are doing in a project and that you are highly competent and knowledgeable in the field. PMP certification is basically the gateway to success for any professional in the field of project management. PMI has reported that the median salary of a person with a PMP certificate is 25% greater than a person without it. Research also shows that companies would be having to fill 2.2 million project management roles each year up to 2027 and what gives a person an edge for that role is a PMP certificate.

For a person who wants to make a career in project management and who is opportunistic enough to grab a chance that will be presented in near future in this field, the value of the PMP certificate can be weighed within gold. This globally recognized and highly reputed PMP certificate is the assurance to the employers, peers and stakeholders that the person knows what he is doing in the project and is qualified and trained enough to produce desirable results by the end of the project.

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