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What Do You Do When You See That Your Hot Water System is Not Working Fine? 

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Is your hot water system not working? Even though hot water systems are the main household appliances, they often are neglected when it comes to proper care and maintenance. No doubt, hot water is a necessary part of our life. 

And when it fails it brings a lot of trouble and can be a major annoyance. Is this what you’re dealing with? You must be looking for a hot water service Geelong. Aren’t you? Besides, here is what you should do when you see your hot water system not working. 

Things to Check when Hot Water System isn’t Working 

It’s difficult to believe that hot water service could ever go out, but when it does, the inability to get hot water can really be frustrating, leaving people annoyed as well as ruining daily routines and complete household activities. So if you’re facing this, then here is what you need to do :

  1. Check the Isolation Valve

The very first thing you need to do is to check your hot water system’s isolation valve. The yellow or red handle on the side of the water inlet is generally the culprit. 

If you find the valve turned off then simply turn it on. Also check the hot water systems power cord, if they are properly plugged in and whether switched on or not. 

  1. Check the Taps

If you don’t have any hot or cold water flowing, try to check the taps if they are working or not. If there is a constant flow of hot and cold water, then this indicates your system is in good condition. 

Besides, if no water is coming out of any taps, check your main meter to determine whether the valve is switched on. If only one individual water fixture is impacted then make sure the isolation valve isn’t turned off. 

  1. Detect any Leaking

If you detect any leaking from your hot water system then check where the water is originating from. If you see a tiny quantity of water flowing out of the temperature relief valve during the heating cycle, it is considered normal.

But if you see excessive water, then you need to call professionals for hot water service in Geelong. Furthermore, if you find the leak is coming from the side or bottom of the tank or even overflowing, then simply close the faucet feeding to the water tank. 

  1. Adjust the Temperature

If water isn’t hot enough on your hot water system then check the temperature settings. Allow an hour for it to adjust the temperature and then check if the temperature of the hot water coming out of the taps has changed. And on your electric hot water heater, you can increase the temperature of the water by adjusting the thermostat.

Hire a Professional and Get the Desired Results 

Sometimes the work done by ourselves isn’t enough. So if you’re still having problems with your hot water system, then do not hesitate to call a professional for hot water service in Geelong. Not only will they repair or fix your water heater problems but will also provide the best necessary tips on care and maintenance.