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What Can You Find Inside Qasr Al Watan – Palace of the Nation?

Qasr Al Watan palace

Being an attractive and glamorous place, Abu Dhabi has everything to offer its visitors for a memorable experience. Paying a visit to this entertainment-rich city is the best thing to do in the UAE, but the moments should never go uncaptured. Once you are done exploring all the modern-day attractions in Abu Dhabi, you will probably feel hungry to explore the rich heritage and culture of the UAE. Qasr Al Watan could be a perfect place to hit your mark! This post will reveal what you can find inside Qasr Al Watan – Palace of the Nation. Keep walking with us to learn more!

Qasr Al Watan Inclusions:

Qasr Al Watan, also known as the Palace of the Nation, offers a rich heritage and cultural picture of the state. You will find no better spot to learn the fascinating and wonderful history of the Arab world than this palace. A visit to the palace can complete your adventure as you return home with notes about Arab culture and history. We have compiled a few inclusions that will hit your way once you step into this ancient palace. Let us explore these points!

1. The Palace Experience:

Qasr Al Watan combines the old and new, offering an immersive palace experience. You will never feel bored or fed inside the palace as each part catches the eye and sings an old song you must hear. This palace could be the perfect spot for visitors seeking an educational yet inspirational tour of the Arabian history and Emirati excellence.

The Royal Arabian architecture inside the palace will hold you still and make you stare at the walls and monuments. The palace has charm, elegance, and beauty that can take your breath away for as long as you stay inside. Moreover, the timeless manuscripts and detailed books about the heritage will travel you back in time.

2. The Great Hall:

As soon as you enter the palace, you will be greeted by the great hall of Qasr Al Watan. The beauty and structure of this place will hold you for a few moments, and you may feel lost in the place. The Great Hall, which has the largest central dome in the world and measures 100m x 100m, is located directly in the center of Qasr Al Watan.

As its name suggests, it is the most sumptuous and grandest space in the royal tower. The room’s main attraction is the mirror cubes in every corner of the space, each with intriguing art. Do you want to explore the place with your kids? You better visit websites that sell tickets online for this royal palace and book yours for the next weekend!

3. The presidential banquet:

Foreign visitors taste Emirati hospitality in the perfectly decorated and elegantly furnished president’s banquet hall. You will learn about Emirati protocol, customs, and cuisine when you visit the hall. You can also go about the space and admire the 149,000 unique pieces of china, silver, and crystal that were crafted just for the palace’s eating facilities.

The presidential banquet will give you a royal experience as you walk through and explore further. What better value for your money than this banquet that can travel you back in time? It is worth trying!

4. Majlis or Al Barza:

Understanding the significance of Majlis or Al Barza in the UAE government begins here. The Majlis is no different than a Senate chamber where the govt members meet for council-like sessions. Modern-day might call it a Senate meeting, but it used to be Majlis in the past, and the palace can reflect it.

Many visitors often leave this room as they find it less interesting. However, if you are a political person, you better wait for a multimedia presentation on the history of the Majlis and its importance.

5. Collaboration Hall Spirit:

As soon as you enter this room, you are struck by its circular design and famous chandelier, which weighs 12 tons and has 350,000 crystals. You will still depart with a deeper understanding of the customs that influence the UAE government. Do you want to explore its beauty and know more about the palace? Visit websites that sell tickets online and book yours for the adventure!

The Arab League, the Gulf Cooperation Council, the Federal Supreme Council, and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation met in the Spirit of Collaboration Hall. The place is perfect for learning about all country-wide meetings and forums.

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Do you want to explore the Qasr Al Watan palace with your kids? It must have crossed your mind due to the exploration matter in your mind. It’s high time to book your tickets online and take your kids to the nation’s palace. The trip will make your weekend rich and memorable!