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WebBee launches $133.33 monthly annual plan for Shopify NetSuite Integration App


25 November 2020, New York, United States: To make the pricing of Shopify NetSuite Integration affordable, WebBee Global, a leading ERP integration and Fulfillment automation company has released an Advanced Yearly plan for its Robust NetSuite Integrator app priced at $1600 dollar once in a year. The yearly plan costs a seller $133.33 a month in comparison to Advanced Unlimited that is a monthly plan offered at $199.99.   

The yearly plan according to officials at WebBee Global not only is lesser in price at the same time it relives a seller that have numbers of order constantly rising from renewing account, monthly. What a seller is required to do with this plan is to pay only a one-time fee to see his order processing, peacefully.

Robust NetSuite Integrator app by WebBee makes it easier for orders and inventory between Shopify and Amazon to be synced for automation and faster business processing. As an effective medium for syncing orders between NetSuite and Shopify, this app offers the following process-related benefits.

The app primarily devised for effective inventory and order management between Shopify and NetSuite offers a plethora of process-related benefits.

  WebBee’s Robust NetSuite Integrator App offers an automated integration between Shopify and NetSuite for data exchange between the system without any need to have separate login between systems. 

  The app enabling automated sync of data between Shopify and NetSuite prevents manual entry of data improving accuracy and efficiency of data processing.

  As an API enabled business process, the data get synced between systems automatically without any requirement for code.

With the elimination of manual entry and automated syncing of data, the efficiency of the store improves for processing transactions and carrying out fulfillment and shipping.

   The app provides a storage capacity to centralize its inventory across the warehouse and thus manage entire orders from a single place. The centralized inventory management system allows streamlined business processes like faster order transfer, instant configuration, tracking update, and others.

  In absence of manual data entry better accuracy of data, therefore, is maintained thus the better-refined system is stored across the processes like inaccurate orders, customer purchasing history, inventory, and data management.

According to the CEO of WebBee Global Abhishek Jain, “The newly introduced  Advanced Yearly plan for Robust NetSuite Integrator App is not only cost-effective but at same time offer sellers capacity to handle the unlimited number of orders for one-time payment without any need to renew subscription monthly.”

WebBee Global incorporated in the year 2005 is a leading ERP and application integration company that offers seamless data exchange services between ERPs, Payment Gateways, eCommerce platforms, CRM, and others. Along with integration service WebBee has developed and published apps for fulfillment and ERP integration for market places like Amazon, BigCommece, Shopify and others.