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Vodafone: The big channel search is coming

Vodafone: The big channel search is coming

Vodafone will soon have innovations that will affect millions of users. Specifically, it is about changes to be made, the origin of which lies in the takeover of Unitymedia. In Vodafone’s nationwide cable network, the focus will continue to be on adapting the networks in 2022. In the last year, the cable network operator standardized its range of programs and made the “Giga Cable Box 2” the standard receiver for TV reception via cable. The final conversion phase will follow this year: for the second half of the year, Vodafone plans to align the frequency spectrum that has been used differently in the different network regions. What that means? There is another larger channel search. I would say that among our readers there are people who then have to do this for their families, friends and neighbors. But as soon as we know more, i.e. when it starts where specifically, we will let you know again. The adaptation of the technical parameters to a nationwide uniform fiber optic cable network offers Vodafone greater design flexibility with regard to future market developments. Against the background that the viewing habits of TV customers are changing, high-speed Internet is the basis for the development of new business models and opens up alternative access routes to a wide range of content from content providers and on IP-enabled platforms such as GigaTV. There is also news on the product side: the DAZN channels in the former Unitymedia distribution area will soon be fed into the cable as linear channels. At the same time, the flagship for TV reception, the GigaTV Cable Box 2, will be available nationwide in all TV tariffs. This article contains partner links. Clicking on it will take you directly to the provider. If you decide to make a purchase there, we will receive a small commission. Nothing changes in the price for you. Thank you for your support!

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