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Viscorun Introduces the High-Functioning Range of SNB Viscometers


Shanghai, China 29th December, 2020: Viscorun is proud to introduce the SNB range of viscometer models, the upgraded version of the NDJ viscometer series. The Shanghai Based company has recently added the SNB viscometer series to their manufacturing repertoire and it includes SNB-1, SNB-2, SNB-3 and SNB-AI varieties. The sought-after SNB viscometers can convert into complete stepless shift gear due to their rotating speed as well as have the capability to measure a diverse range of viscosity of fluids.


The SNB-1 and SNB-2 are equipped with a viscosity measurement range of 1~1 x 100000 mPa.S and 1~2 x 1000000 mPa.S, respectively. The former has a rotor speed of 6, 12, 30, 6o while 0.3, 0.6, 1.5, 3.6, 12, 30, 60 are the rotor speeds of the latter. The SNB range offers viscosity measurement accuracy of up to ±2.0%, allowing a highly precise measurement of viscosity for your samples. Each of the four varieties of SNB viscometers incorporates features like a 16-bit microprocessor, nine operation buttons, adjustable height, RTD temperature probe and CVT (stepless) speed adjust, among others.


“The SNB range is introduced to satisfy the growing demands for viscometers that can measure the viscosities of Newtonian and Non-Newtonian fluids. All of the SNB viscometers are revolutionary models designed to provide accurate viscosity measurements of fluids like food, paint, plastics, oil and more,” said Miss Fay, the CEO of Viscorun.


Viscorun’s SNB viscometer models deliver reliable test results while featuring high sensitivity and easy operation properties. The SNB-AI is developed to measure high temperature viscosity. A single temperature point can be set from the 10 temperature set points which is controlled by intuitive software. The instrument is equipped with 4 types of spindles and has a rotation speed of 0.1 – 200. With the repeatability at ±0.5%, SNB-AI is configured with cutting-edge stepless speed regulating technology, data collecting, RTD temperature probe and more.


An SNB viscometer is capable of determining the viscosity of

·        Adhesive

·        Solvents

·        Dairy products

·        Paints

·        Polymer solutions

·        Coatings

·        Oils


With Viscorun’s innovative range of SNB viscometers, viscosity measurement is quick, reliable and hassle-free.