Home Entertainment Uterine surgery: Liz Kaeber reports from the hospital

Uterine surgery: Liz Kaeber reports from the hospital

Uterine surgery: Liz Kaeber reports from the hospital

Liz Kaeber (29) has had a difficult time! While her sister Christian (32) currently her second child expected, the desire to have children went to the former Bachelor-Candidate not yet fulfilled. The influencer addressed her problems with getting pregnant also open. Now the beauty is one step closer to her dream of being a mom: she has had an operation on the uterus and is in tears contacting her followers. In her Instagram story, the 29-year-old spoke about the operation: “I didn’t have it “Not only a laparoscopy, but also a hysteroscopy. My endometriotic tissue was removed, so I was always right about my pain.” She also had a wall in her uterus. But now the doctor brought wonderful news. “Then he also told me that it was difficult, but that the wall is out now and nothing stands in the way of my desire to have children. And that makes me so happy!”, She was happy and cried with relief The dome show candidate also acknowledged her partner’s pangs of conscience Nick opposite: “I thought to myself, I’ll just take the role of father from him.” Actually, she wanted to become a mother before her 30th birthday. But Liz’s opinion has since changed. “The main thing is that it works at some point and then everything is healthy and without complications,” she emphasized
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