Home Politics US government: Moscow creates pretext for Ukraine invasion – policy

US government: Moscow creates pretext for Ukraine invasion – policy

US government: Moscow creates pretext for Ukraine invasion - policy

Is Moscow planning a false flag operation in eastern Ukraine? According to the US government, agents have already been set up who have experience in “urban warfare”.Washington/Kiev (dpa) – The US government has accused Russia of creating a pretext for a possible invasion of Ukraine. “We have information that suggests Russia has already deployed a group of agents to conduct a false flag operation in eastern Ukraine,” White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said. These agents are trained in “urban warfare” and the use of explosives to carry out acts of sabotage against Russian officials. The information indicated that they would also start “manufacturing provocations” on state and social media to justify Russian intervention and sow divisions in Ukraine, Psaki said. “Spreading misinformation” Russian officials are said to be spreading narratives about the deteriorating human rights record in Ukraine and the increasing militancy of Ukrainian leaders. “This is all spreading misinformation,” Psaki said. “These media reports also blame the West for the escalation of tensions and point to humanitarian problems in Ukraine that could be solved by Russian intervention. And Russian patriotism is being promoted to encourage the country’s support for military action.” The number of related Russian-language social media posts with this content increased by 200 percent in December. Psaki and Pentagon spokesman John Kirby stressed that Russia’s actions had already been seen in 2014 with the annexation of Ukraine’s Black Sea peninsula of Crimea. “We’re aware of that and we see what they’re doing,” Kirby said. “I will not comment on the nature of the specific intelligence information, other than to reaffirm our confidence in it.” Is Russia Behind Massive Hacking? Tensions in the Ukraine conflict had increased sharply recently. Kiev has blamed Moscow for a massive hacking attack on government websites. According to the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy in the capital Kiev, the attacks came from Russia “according to initial data”. In the Russian media there were already first indications of the attacks even before they were picked up in Ukraine. The ministry’s experts suspected that the attacks were related to a “recent defeat by Russia in talks on Ukraine’s future cooperation with NATO.” Several ministries had previously complained about a cyber attack on their websites. Among other things, the official website of the government and the homepages of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Energy and Ministry of Civil Protection were affected. The attack was widespread, it said. A unit specializing in cyber attacks began investigating.

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