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Types of Jack connectors and their virtues and vices


It is a common problem that people often buy speakers or any other external devices. The run-up to the home with an excitement o connecting them to the computer. But then, at the time of connecting the external device to the computer or television, they realize that they have bought the wrong jack for the device. The problem mainly arises at the time of purchasing jack to jack cable

This occurs very frequently as there are many different types of audio cables. The minute changes in each of these cable wires make a huge difference in connection to the main device. Therefore, at the time of purchase, one should always note the necessary cables required for the device so that it does not cause any problem at the time of purchase. 

Quarter-inch jack connector

A quarter-inch jack connector is perhaps the widest and the common connector that is connected to the musical equipment. It is majorly used in the guitar amps and electric guitars. It contains a single loop black in color, which is called an insulating loop. They are available in two major forms- speaker cables as well as instrument cables. The instrument cables are majorly used for the line level and instrument connections. The speaker cables on the other hand are used for connecting the cabinets with the guitar heads. 

Balanced jack connector

The balanced jack connector is almost similar to the quarter-inch jack connector. The major difference between the two of them is that the balanced jack connector contains two outputs fr the audio signals. The ring and the tip of the balanced jack connectors are used to carry signals for the left as well as the right channels. The sleeve of the jack acts as a common connection to the earth. These type of jack connectors are majorly used in mixing desks, pianos, headphone outputs, keyboards, hi-fi as well as recording equipment. 

Pros of the jack connectors

There are multiple advantages of using jack cable connectors.

● Maintains a virtual standard of audio across all the devices.

● Can accommodate an extra connection of a microphone.

● Suits a decent degree of musical noise insulation.

● Best suited for reduced frequencies like electrical power transmission and audio.

Cons of jack connectors

Apart from the advantages, jack connectors have multiple disadvantages as well.

● The metal part especially the gold-coated region gets worn out fast.

● Shorts cause audible clicks on connection as well as disconnection.

● Plug lengths are always not suitable for the devices.

Stereo minijack connectors

In the present day, this is the most common as well as a necessary connector among all. The minijack connectors are majorly used for stereos as well as musical devices. Most of these cables are majorly used in vehicles for connecting the audio of the car to mobile phones. 

There are multiple jack connectors available in the market that are used for a different purpose.

Purchasing the correct one by judging all the pros and cons is necessary. Therefore, we have listed all the major jack connectors along with the advantages and disadvantages to make your purchase easier.