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Two vaccination certificates in your CovPass app? Then you had better act now

 Two vaccination certificates in your CovPass app?  Then you had better act now

The digital vaccination certificate should make everyday life much easier. But the booster vaccination occasionally causes error messages, especially in the CovPass app. CHIP says how to reduce sources of error and what you have to pay attention to.

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The digital vaccination certificate and the CovPass app are important tools for displaying the current vaccination or recovery status via smartphone. The app can also draw attention to errors in the digital vaccination certificate. CHIP asked around in vaccination centers and pharmacists and says how ideally you should react to individual sources of problems and who can help you in extreme cases. If you use the Corona warning app, you should consider: The app was originally intended to record risk contacts. The vaccination certificate is an additional and not the main function of the app. The official tool for vaccination certificates and proof of recovery in Germany is the CovPass app.

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Quickly explained: How to create the certificate in the CovPass app

The CovPass app is free. If you have a smartphone, download the program from the respective Apple app store (click here) or the Google Play store for Android. You should consider: The program must be granted access rights to your camera. This is the only way you can actually scan the QR codes. If a corresponding request appears during the first use or the installation, you should also confirm this. To create a digital certificate, click on “Scan QR code” which is located in the lower field. Now scan the QR code of the digital vaccination certificate. If you are using the CovPass app for the first time and, for example, you have already received your third vaccination, scan the most recent vaccination certificate. However, it is advisable to scan all digital vaccination certificates in turn . For example, first the first vaccination, then the second vaccination and then the booster. Hold the smartphone in such a way that the code fills the entire scan area. The QR code must be clearly visible on the screen. If it worked, you will see the digital certificate in the app. You can find the step-by-step instructions in the video here.

Downloads: CovPass for Android and iOS

That’s why you should scan all digital vaccination certificates with the CovPass app

If you scan a QR code, a vaccination certificate will be created in the app. It says “complete since xx.xx.xx”, the QR code and the name of the owner. If you now scan your second vaccination certificate (e.g. second vaccination or convalescence vaccination), this certificate must be updated. If a second certificate is created with a new QR code, then you have received an incorrect vaccination document. You can tell if a second vaccination certificate has been created if you can swipe left or right and the vaccination certificate changes.

Two QR codes in the app – that’s what you have to do now

Click + to check whether the booster vaccination creates a new certificate. If so, you should act immediately.CHIP / Konstantinos MitsisIf you notice in the waiting area of ​​the vaccination center or the doctor’s office when scanning the vaccination document that a second QR code has been created in the app, report to an employee immediately. You will then usually receive a new vaccination certificate. The old vaccination certificate will be retained and destroyed. Delete the second QR code in the app. Simply tap on the certificate and then select the recycle bin at the top right. You’re seeing a second QR code because your name may have been misspelled, your date of birth was written incorrectly, or you simply forgot a middle name. This is another reason why you should make sure that the data was entered correctly when registering or registering. If you only noticed the mistake much later, any pharmacy can help. Take all vaccination certificates and your ID with you. The source of the error is then sought on site.

QR code is invalid – what does that mean?

There is also an error with the “invalid input” message. In this case, your vaccination may have been recorded incorrectly. According to EU regulations, each booster vaccination must be deposited as a 3/3 after the first and second vaccination. If there was a recovery beforehand, the subsequent vaccination is considered a recovery vaccination. This means that the vaccination status for a booster vaccination is 2/1, for example. But now it happens that the convalescent vaccination was not recorded as such. If the vaccination center has noted the booster vaccination as 3/3, the app cannot assign the vaccination correctly. As a result, the message “invalid” is displayed. In this case, too, those affected should go to the nearest pharmacy with proof of vaccination and certificates of recovery. The identity card is also required.

Vaccination certificate cannot be saved

You first created a vaccination certificate, then deleted it and now want to create the vaccination certificate again? Then it is better to delete the app and reinstall it. Because the deleted vaccination certificate is considered deleted for the app and can therefore not be created again. Also, the app cannot recognize the certificate if the code for the camera is blurred or illegible. Make sure the lighting conditions are good and the QR code is easy to see. Any pharmacy can help if the QR code is torn, out of focus, blurry or kinked.

Cell phone camera does not scan vaccination certificate

If you have not granted the app access rights to the camera, you will not be able to use the CovPass app. To fix the error quickly, just delete the app from the phone and reinstall the program. After installation, open the app. You should now see the notice that you need to “grant” the program access to the camera. Click “Ok” or “Confirm” and then make the appropriate changes in the settings.

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