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turn a constraint into an opportunity!

turn a constraint into an opportunity!

People, smiles and faces without masks! After 24 months and the cancellation of the two editions of Sport Achat 2020 (the stands were set up) and 2021, outdoor professionals find themselves happily following a winter that promises to be very good. this dynamic context, the Union Sport et Cycle (UCS), the union of the profession wished to sensitize its members and the other actors not members with the sector REP (widening responsibility of the producers) of the articles of sport and leisures which falls under within the framework of the new AGEC law (anti-waste for a circular economy) dating from January 1, 2022. Supported by a round table to explain how it works, round table moderated by Ski Chrono, media partner of this operation which will concern the outdoors over the next few years. As we can see, the theme of sustainable development is no longer debatable. It imposes itself on us with this AGEC law, but shouldn’t this taking into account of this so-called circular economy be quite simply natural? The challenge of this exchange was to raise the awareness of players, producers (who may have several statuses of ”marketers” such as manufacturers or retailers… and distributors and sports players who participate in the collection) to this obligation with the insight of three experts. Vanessa Montagne, new sector director for Ecologic, the eco-organization chosen for this mission by the Union Sport et Cycle, explained the operational aspect (recovery of memberships to finance the sector, calendar, costs, etc.) of the system. For USC, Simon Blin, responsible for sustainable development, and Pierre Gogin, chairman of the USC sustainable development commission, recalled the role of this professional union in supporting members and the political and societal context of this law. “From a constraint and an obligation, we must make an opportunity” concluded Pierre Gogin. .

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