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Top Oncology EMR Platforms in 2021

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What is an oncology EMR system?

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems have taken the healthcare industry by a storm. Not only does it provide a digital record of patients’ medical information but also includes tools that manage a facility’s clinical, operational and financial functions. An EMR system designed for oncology includes specialty-specific content and templates along with workflows that are unique to this medical field. Oncologists deal with critical information 24/7 and require a system robust enough to make their lives at work easier. The best oncology EMR should be adaptive to the facility that uses it, includes an easy-to-use interface, automates critical processes and encompasses other features to improve operational efficiencies. 


The following list of EMR systems for oncologists have been hand-picked after reading client reviews as well analyzing system offerings. 

Best oncology EMR system for 2021 

Aria Oncology Information System 

Aria Oncology Information System offered by Varian offers an EMR system that caters to radiation, medical and surgical oncology. The system offers treatment plans that can be adapted to a facility’s preferences and requirements. Aria allows medics to save medical records and diagnostic images of patients that are updated in real-time and can instantly be shared with other departments and care teams. The medical software also assists in optimizing image-based treatment plans, like radiographic, fluoroscopic, and cone-beam CT images.


Flatiron Health offers oncologists with an integrated EMR system namely, OncoEMR. This system is renowned for saving time for its clients. Document search enables practitioners to search between heaps of information in just a few clicks. The system offers integrated patient assistance applications that match patients with the right treatment plans. This saves the time it takes to submit enrollment forms. OncoEMR also includes 150+ preloaded reports that aid facilities gain insights that help to improve performance. Another advantage of this medical software is its responsive customer support. The latter are not only there when problems arise but are available to suggest ways through which the system can be used to its maximum potential 


Another contender in the list for the best oncology EMR is MOSAIQ EMR which is offered by Elekta. This system completely manages all stages of a chemotherapy program from  diagnosis to treatment to follow-up. What we love most about MOSAIQ EMR is its engaging patient portal. Through this portal, patients can schedule appointments, read visit reports, request for prescription refills and directly communicate with patients. Not only will this save time but strengthen ties between patients and practitioners. This portal also allows doctors to engage family members of oncology patients to increase their comfort. 


Kareo offers its clients with an oncology EMR system that is cloud-based. The medical software provider gives its clients the liberty to select the system as a whole or pick and choose the features that they require. Kareo features an e-prescribing feature that connects to a number of facilities. Doctors can prescribe medicines in an instant after an appointment concludes. A customized preferred test list can also be made that provides easy access to a facility’s favorite pharmacies. The system also connects to multiple laboratories. Lab test results are directly integrated into the EHR system so that doctors can view them on a timely basis and provide quality care accordingly.  


iKnowMED EHR software aims to improve healthcare provided to cancer patients. The system is based on the cloud. The latter means that it can be accessed from any part of the world, at any time and with any device. All is required is an active internet connection. The software creates a centralized database where medical records of patients are saved in a secure manner. The medical software does not believe in a one size fits all which is why customizable features are provided that are easily adapted into a facility’s workflows. Additionally, an interoperability feature is offered that connects with a number of specialists, nurses and doctors. This enables practitioners to view complete medical histories of patients. 

Which system to opt for?

If you are an oncologist then investing in an EMR system is a necessity. However, not every system in the market will give you the boost in performance that you are looking for. Hence, we provide you with a list of the best oncology EMR systems that will result in operational, clinical and financial efficiencies. All the systems mentioned will generate countless benefits for your facility. However, your final decision should depend upon your requirements and expectations from a medical system. Once decided, then match these requirements with a system’s features and offerings to decide if this is the system for you or not.