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Top 8 Best Rated Places of Singapore You Must Visit

Singapore must visit places

Singapore is in South Asia, and it’s called lion city. It’s a place that is the wings of beauty; some ample tourists went there to take a fresh breath and receive the beauty and enjoy the place. Moreover, Singapore is the essence of excitement and fun, with a wonderful selection of activities that are certain to impress. There are ample Singapore must-visit places on your itinerary so that you don’t miss out on the most popular things in Singapore. When planning your vacation, don’t miss out on these places and include them in your Singapore Bali packages.

Eight Singapore Must Visit Places For A Great Trip

1. Gardens By the Bay

Gardens by the Bay

It’s the first place tourist should visit, the aroma of fresh flowers, gardens, and events are the things that attract the most t visitors who went for travel. It has a cloud Forest, Floral fantasy, a Variety of flowers, Dome Flower. Kingfisher wetland trail, its ecosystem, plants, and animals are there to see. Heritage garden, which tells Heritage and memory of Singapore, and there is a children’s garden too. Moreover, it’s a place where people can feel fresh and have a great time with family and friends. Hence, it must be on your list of tourist places in Singapore.

2. Singapore Zoo

Night safari in Singapore Zoo

It’s a most attractive place where more than a variety of birds and animals are there,100 breeds already done. They also have a learning zoo where visitors can learn about the zoo, its history, the breeding process, and every single detail of this zoo. It has 4200 varieties of animals and 300 species. Hence, include this in your Singapore must-visit places for amusement and happiness.

3. Universal Studio

Universal Studio Singapore

It’s a wonderland on the earth that must be on your list of Singapore must-visit places. It’s a theme park on Sentosa island with 24 exciting rides and seven theme zones, making it among Singapore must visit places.

4. Marina Bay Sands

In front of Marina Bay, a resort started in 2010 by Las vegas sands corporation. It’s the most expensive casino and has 2561 rooms, malls, theatres, museums, etc., which can surely entertain the visitors. So, add this to your list of Singapore must-visit places.

5. Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer

The Singapore Flyer, a giant observation wheel that sits among the skyscrapers of the Singapore cityscape, is the premier destination for the most spectacular scenery of the city. Hence, it is a must-see in Singapore.

A picturesque ride on the Singapore Flyer will transport you 165 meters above the level, or 42 stories, while you soak in the breathtaking views below. Moreover, both visitors and residents enjoy a high level of excitement. Step inside one of the 28 completely air-conditioned glass capsules and go on a thirty-minute voyage through the breathtaking day and night views. A Singapore Flyer ride is must-do Singapore activity for thrill seekers.

6. Singapore Botanic Garden

It’s almost 163 years old and situated on orchard road in Singapore. It has divided into three parts, or it has three gardens. They have varieties of orchids and 2000 types of hybrid orchids are there. There are learning and educational hubs also there where students come and learn for their projects as well. The famous VIP Orchid Garden is where varieties of orchids are present and people prefer to visit it.

7. Art Science Museum

It’s a museum within the Marina Bay Sand in the downtown core of Singapore’s central area. Art meets science there, and the mesmerizing scientific touch is connected with arts and creates magic which is the city’s attraction. Further, it has exhibitions and shows which can be added with digital and metaphorical types where people can connect their emotions and go to the memory lane of their emotional journey where they can connect with it.

8. Merlion Park

The mythological Merlion, which has a fish’s tail and a lion’s head, is Singapore’s national symbol. So the sculpture at Merlion Park, a gorgeous location close to the mouth of the Singapore River, is among the most well-known representations of this emblematic symbol. Moreover, the story that perhaps the Merlion is half lion and half fish has a lot of significance.

The fish-like shape of the Merlion represents Singapore’s roots as a fishing community called Temasek; a name derived from the exact origin of the Malay word tasek (‘lake’). The statue’s head depicts Singapura, the city’s original name.

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As we have discussed eight places in Singapore, there are ample places that Singapore holds in its lap. Nature’s beauty, the love of the people, and the good and so friendly behavior of the people attract the most in Singapore. Singapore is not a city. It’s an emotion. Moreover, the main attraction which attracts the visitors is the cleanliness of the city, the street the places is so clean that it attracts people to visit the city more than once. Moreover, traveling from one place to another is easiest, and the transport system is easy to catch even for new people. Include these Singapore must-visit places and book your packages with Roaming Routes for a great holiday.