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Top‌ ‌5‌ ‌EMR‌ ‌for‌ ‌Physical‌ ‌Therapy‌ ‌Practices‌ ‌

Insight EMR

Why a Physical Therapy Practice Needs an EHR 

If you are running a physical therapy practice or starting to venture out on your own in starting one then you might be wondering what steps you can take to ensure your success. Well, investing in a good physical therapy practice EHR is somewhat of a requirement these days. Overall, with a good EHR software at your physical therapy practice you can worry about the thing that truly matters; your patients. With this software, you are able to focus on treating your patients as the software itself focuses on scheduling your appointments, keeping files securely and doing your billing among other things. 


These days there are thousands of EHR software in the market. In this piece, we will tell you about the best five software for a physical therapy practice. We will dissect the features of EMRs such as Insight EMR to AdvancedMD EHR so you can have your pick of software to choose from. 

Best EMRs for Physical Therapy in the Market 


WebPT is one software which was essentially made for Physical Therapy practices hence this software makes things much easier for you overall. The software has a great interface for physical therapy practices which helps navigate through the various features in the software. With WebPT a unique feature that you have is video exercises available on the software which your patients can access and use at their homes and keep up with whatever regimen you have assigned to them. The other advantage of WebPT is that the software is web based so you can essentially access it from anywhere in the world without having any issues and hence use your software on the go. 


There are a lot of great physical therapy EHR suggestions in this list and apart from WebPT, Insight EMR, there is also NextGen, which is a very popular software overall but not that well known for physical therapy. This software has a feature for health analytics which lets you analyse things such as population health, risk stratification and more. This eventually leads you to better your diagnosis accuracy as well as recommends treatments which will be better suited to your patient according to the data accumulated. The patient portal on this software is also very beneficial since it allows for patients to make appointments, keep up with their health and upcoming appointments among other things. 



The next software in this list is AdvancedMD which is another very popular EHR software in the market with thousands of users. The software has a great scheduling tool which allows for you to schedule and view appointments very quickly by just hovering the mouse on the calendar date in question. The software also sends out automatic appointment reminders so that there are less no-shows at your practice overall. Another great feature in AdvancedMD is that the billing feature allows for you to collect payments from patients more easily as the feature verifies eligibility from the get go so that you have all the relevant billing information in one place for the patient and hence can easily take care of it! 


The fourth software before we talk about Insight EMR is Praxis which is another great option for  a software at your physical therapy practice. The software has a patient tool which allows for the provider to constantly be able to securely communicate with patients. The software also lets them engage with patients and send them relevant literature that can help them in understanding things in a better way. Another advantage you get with Praxis EMR is that it allows for fast charting so that you can essentially chart things in no time at all. In fact, a lot of reviews talk about how charting now takes providers less than a minute! And since the software uses AI, it learns your patterns and preferences over time and helps make things even faster for you. 


And finally, the last EHR on our list is Insight EMR which is a very popular option for physical therapy practices. There are a lot of positive Insight EMR reviews online. The software has a lot of great features one of which is process automation that allows for you to digitize everything; from patient on-boarding to payments. In the end you find that everything you need is in one place because of Insight EMR and hence things are much easier to handle for you. Another great feature in Insight EMR is that the software allows for you to analyze and look at your revenue cycle management so that you know where you stand financially. With your revenue cycle management you know how much money is going to come into your medical practice and hence have a fair idea of your financial situation. 

Which Physical Therapy EHR you Should Invest in

Now you are probably wondering which of these EHR we recommend to you for your physical therapy practice. With Insight EMR you have the benefit of keeping your finances handled while AdvancedMD has a great patient portal. At the end of the day we would suggest going with the software that has the most features you would want. Other than that, ask the vendor for a demo. For example you can ask for a Insight EMR demo to see the EMR in action and whether or not that software works well for you!