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Too many employees sick and in quarantine: BVG restricts bus traffic due to corona cases – Berlin

Too many employees sick and in quarantine: BVG restricts bus traffic due to corona cases - Berlin

Due to the sharp increase in sickness and quarantine cases, the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) have to limit their operations. The company announced on Friday that the increasing sick leave and quarantine numbers had been noticeable for a few days. In order to be able to continue to offer a stable timetable, the company now has to reduce its offer. The restrictions initially only affect the bus area, where an adjusted timetable will apply from Wednesday, January 19th. Cycle adjustments are mainly made on routes where several lines run parallel in sections. In addition, when selecting the lines, the BVG paid attention to where the passenger demand in the current pandemic situation is already somewhat lower. From Wednesday, among other things, the well-known bus line 100 will only run every 20 minutes on weekdays. The M27 metro bus line from Pankow via Wedding and Moabit to Jungfernheide will only run every ten minutes. The same applies to line 245 between the main train station and Bahnhof Zoo, which is currently the only connection from Moabit to the main train station. All sections and stops in the Berlin bus network would continue to be served, it said. The metro lines would continue to run at least every ten minutes.[Lese-Tipp: Berlin vor der Omikron-Wand: Sorge vor massenhaften Ausfällen – so rüsten sich Versorger, Handel und ÖPNV (T+)]The BVG announced that this first package of measures corresponds to an adjustment of 3.2 percent of the total output in the bus sector on working days. On Saturdays (1.2 percent) and Sundays (0.5 percent), the restrictions are initially lower. However, the current adjustment should only be the beginning. The company announced that further restrictions would follow from Monday, January 24th. However, these are not yet clear in detail and will be communicated as soon as possible. “It may then also affect the subway and trams. But we don’t know exactly yet,” spokesman Jannes Schwentu said on request.[Wenn Sie aktuelle Nachrichten aus Berlin, Deutschland und der Welt live auf Ihr Handy haben wollen, empfehlen wir Ihnen unsere App, die Sie hier für Apple- und Android-Geräte herunterladen können.]
“Of course, we will continue to react flexibly and appropriately to keep Berlin mobile during this time,” emphasized BVG Operations Director Rolf Erfurt. “Our goal is to always get a stable offer for our passengers on the roads and on the rails, even if adjustments are unfortunately necessary.”

S-Bahn Berlin runs the full program – for the time being

In December, the Berlin S-Bahn had to restrict its timetable due to too many cases of illness. Since January, however, the company has been running the full range again. “The S-Bahn Berlin is currently running the full program,” said a spokeswoman when asked whether restrictions were threatening again. According to reports, however, the Deutsche Bahn subsidiary is already experiencing a slightly increased sick leave. It therefore does not seem impossible that there could also be reduced timetables for the S-Bahn in the coming weeks.

The timetable changes of the BVG in the overview:

M27 Mon-Sat 10-minute intervals across the boardM43 Mon.-Fri. 10-minute intervals across the boardM44 Mon.-Fri. 5-minute intervals: S+U Hermannstr. to Alt-Buckow until 8 a.m.; 5-minute intervals: S+U Hermannstr. to Britzer Damm/Gradestr. from 8 o ‘clock; 10-minute intervals: Britzer Damm/Gradestr. to Stuthirtenweg; Sa. 10-minute intervals across the boardM46 Mon.-Fri. 10-minute intervals across the boardX11 Mon.-Fri. 20-minute intervals across the boardX21 Mon-Sat 20-minute intervals across the boardX83 Mon.-Fri. 10-minute intervals across the board100 Mon.-Fri. Every 10 minutes across the board, Saturdays and Sundays every 10 minutes across the board181 Mon.-Fri. 10-minute intervals across the board245 Mon.-Fri. 10-minute intervals across the board

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