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Tom Kaulitz on married life with Heidi Klum

Tom Kaulitz on married life with Heidi Klum

Sometimes the trio even share a bed. Image: www.imago-images.de / unsplash According to the Germans, every third German suffers society for sleep research and sleep medicine (DGSM) on problems falling asleep and sleeping through the night. This also includes the “Tokio Hotel” twins Tom and Bill Kaulitz. The possible causes are varied. What helps the two to fall asleep and why Heidi in particular plays an important role here, the brothers revealed in the podcast by Hazel Brugger and her husband Thomas Spitzer.

Constant jet lag at Tom and Bill

The human organism and its functions follow an internal clock. On long-distance flights across several time zones, this inner rhythm is inevitably disrupted. Because of your Career Tom and Bill regularly commute between their adopted country USA and Germany back and forth and accordingly regularly throw their inner bodily rhythm out of balance. Bill revealed that he once traveled from Los Angeles four times in one month Berlin had to travel and almost constantly suffered from severe jet lag. However, the sleep problems only came with age. “When we were younger, we could sleep anywhere, today it’s somehow not possible anymore,” says the singer. “I never sleep through the night. I wake up at least 15 to 20 times during the night,” his brother admitted.

All good things come in threes

As a solution, Hazel suggested that the twins sleep together in one bed. Maybe being close together would help. But Tom waved it off: “I’ve already exchanged Bill. Heidi lies on me every evening.” Luckily, Bill is often allowed to lie down with the two of them. Supermodel Heidi told “red.” in the past, that the double bed is huge and that she and Bill sometimes cuddle a bit.It’s no secret that the trio is very close and spends a lot of time together as a threesome. While many couples spent Valentine’s Day together, shared Heidi Klum a romantic photo showing her with the twins. In addition to heart balloons, red roses and a heart-shaped cookie with the inscription “I Love You”, a picture of Heidi Klum with Tom and Bill Kaulitz is draped. “I love you both,” wrote the 48-year-old. “I was lucky,” writes the “GNTM” juror in the associated caption. “I got two!” Finally, there is a declaration of love from Heidi Klum – to both men: “Happy Valentine’s Day! I love you both with all my heart!”(abd)Judith Rakers shares a private behind-the-scenes look at her job as a “Tagesschau” announcer. Since the end of February, the world has been in an exceptional situation: Ukraine is under attack from Russia and the rest of the world has to figure out what to do about it. Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians are fleeing their homeland or have holed up in bunkers.

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