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Tips on entering multiple timesheets in QuickBooks

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Atkku has announced multiple utility features in its invoicing software CONSULT to clear doubts regarding its multiple timesheets entry in QuickBooks.

A spokesperson for Atkku said that they have been flooded with inquiries requesting information regarding the “multiple timesheet entries ” in QuickBooks. The spokesperson said, “CONSULT is integrated with QuickBooks and can be tasked to make multiple entries simultaneously without any additional software.”

It is common knowledge that CONSULT is fast emerging as the perfect add-on application for QuickBooks in IT staffing companies’ context. IT staffing business managers say that, though QuickBooks has a wide range of features, it lacks some features for which businesses have to either order a customized software or perform such important functions like invoicing and A/R follow up manually.

Speaking to newsmen, a manager of a well known staffing company said, “I have ordered CONSULT for my company and am able to see 80% increases in productivity. Soon proposed to order it for other centers based on feedback from our accounting department.” Further, she added, “Business used to lose substantially due to delayed generation and dispatch of invoices that depend on timesheets submission from consultants located in remote locations.”

When asked to elaborate on the timesheet aspect, the CEO of an IT staffing company said that timesheet entries without automation have always been a problem in the IT staffing industry. He said, “Timesheet delays set off a chain reaction affecting invoicing processes, timely delivery of invoices to customers and meeting specific invoice standards that they demand. Staffing business in the few years has lost a substantial percentage of revenue due to invoicing errors due to faulty timesheets. CONSULT has helped up reduce timesheet and invoicing related problems 4x and hope to usher in CONSULT in all our branches across the country.”

Timesheet delays used to be a big burden in our revenue stream, but after integrated CONSULT with QuickBooks able to tame revenue losses to a large extent.” “The invoicing team reports regarding CONSULT is encouraging – zero-errors, quicker payment receipts, the lesser strain on staff and higher morale, these are but a few benefits have started to enjoy,” according to the CFO of a large staffing company operating in the New York region.

IT staffing companies can contact Atkku, the owners of CONSULT for their requirements or visit their website for a detailed review of the big advantages that it offers in bringing down operational cost and increasing ROI.