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Tick-Tock Hookah Builds Excitement; Launches Tempting Natural Flavors


California, USA: In their recent launch of products, Tick Tock Hookah also known as Tick-Tock Shisha announced a new and remarkable range of natural fruity flavors that have taken the hookah market by storm. Tick Tock Shisha is a well-established brand name well known for their extensive range of tobacco flavors and premium quality they have, to offer.

Hookah shisha is a global market and is often in need of new and refreshing flavors. Tick Tock Hookah acknowledge this need and launched their new set of Natural fruit flavors such as Autumn Flame-Peach, Flamingo Mango, Breeze Ice, Banana Tick, and many more that packs a seasoned and tropical punch of delicious fruits.


In recent decades the hookah as a recreational activity has seen unprecedented growth. Although it has a rich culture dating back to hundreds of years, where it was seen as a symbol of royalty and was extensively used by noble classes of South-east Asia and the Middle East. Due to rising trends of globalization and social media, hookah smoking has come out as media that cut through cultures and regions across the globe. As a result of the same modern hookah smokers are always in need of trying something new and flavorful.

Tick Tock Hookah has a tap on the right nerve by coming up with refreshing and ambrosial flavors meeting the expectation of anticipating hookah smokers


About Tick Tock Hookah

Tick Tock Hookah is a reputed and celebrated Shisha brand having a colossal experience of over 45 years in manufacturing and distribution of the world’s finest Hookah tobacco. Launched by Al-Bazaz by an international group i.e a leader in manufacturing and supplying hookah shisha around the globe.

By adopting an innovative approach with the use of top-of-the-line ingredients, like the fresh golden tobacco leaves of French fields, pure homemade honey, and USP grade vegetable glycerin for food applications. Tick Tock Hookah ensures that only premium quality hookah shisha with excellent consistency, flavorful taste with freshness is made available for the hookah lovers that leaves them craving for more.