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As you can see, the trend of active working has been growing and hence the same is happening with the standing desk converter because obviously, it works wonders in promoting work productivity. As a normal human being, you must be concerned about preventing musculoskeletal injuries. When you improve workplace ergonomics, you can improve the posture, resulting in reducing stiffness, soreness, and fatigue. Have a look at 10 fantastic ways to accessorize and give yourself an amazing feel with certain products: 
Keyboard Platform
When you have a good keyboard platform, it can help you optimize the typing posture is not only one direction, but different directions. The negative angle is one of the most helpful positions for your keyboard. If your sit-stand keyboard arm has the tilt adjustment, it will help you prevent injuries by keeping your wrists at a neutral angle. 
Active Seating
Those people who have been used to you standing while working also need rest sometimes and this is where active Seating plays an important role. Active Seating refers to standing desk chairs and tools that don’t stop you from moving even when you sit. Using active seating can enhance your poster and increase your energy level a lot. The best part is that it is not possible to slouch in active seating.
Mat Just sitting the entire day at your workplace makes it impossible for you to do any physical activity. Hence, it is always recommended to stand while working to add physical activity to your day. It also comes with some challenges such as pain in the feet, legs, and lower back. There is a solution to this as well. You can make use of an anti-fatigue standing desk mat to combat these problems.  
Comfortable shoes
The problem is that when you generally sit on a desk at your workplace, you use the common everyday work shoes and if you are at home, slippers are fine with you. When you start standing for hours, your body begins relying on your feet, and hence proper support is extremely essential for your overall health. You need to have a supportive pair of shoes while standing like you do need them while walking or running. 
Monitor Riser
It is necessary to position your monitor directly in front of you and your eyes should face the center of the screen. When you position a monitor too low, you are required to put your chin down and if it is placed too high, you need to tilt your chin up. And if it is placed somewhere in the left or right, you are then required to tilt your head here and there. When you hold these positions all day, it adversely affects your overall health.  
Foam Rollers 
You can use foam rollers for ‘n’ number of exercises, but I am sure you would have never thought about using it with your sit-stand desk. You cannot use it constantly but it can definitely provide you with some rest as well as some work out too.
These are certain accessories that you can use with the standing desk converter to make your work easier with extreme productivity.