Home Entertainment The rapist of Eric Stehfest’s wife Edith has to go behind bars

The rapist of Eric Stehfest’s wife Edith has to go behind bars

The rapist of Eric Stehfest's wife Edith has to go behind bars


Jan 14, 2022 – 10:43 am

by Sebastian Tews

This verdict changed her whole life… In 2020, the trial against Max H. began before the district court of Leipzig, who drugged the then 17-year-old Edith Stehfest with knockout drops in 2012 and then abused her. A disgusting act that he even filmed. Max H. confessed and was sentenced to imprisonment – ​​against which he appealed. As RTL exclusively learned, the judgment is now final. “The prison sentence of three years and four months for the perpetrator was recently confirmed,” says Stehfest’s attorney Dr. Sissy Kraus on RTL request. Jungle camper Eric Stehfest (32) and his wife Edith (26) can finally close a dark chapter in their lives, as they reveal in the interview.

“Judgment means new beginnings”

“Most women cannot find peace after a court case because in most cases the perpetrator is not convicted,” says Edith Stehfest to RTL. “That’s why the verdict of several years in prison for Max H. is such an important step. A verdict that stands for a new beginning for me and for many women out there.” The singer gives an insight into her mental life, which has suffered enormously in recent months. “I couldn’t sing for a long time because my heart was hurt so deeply,” she says. “It cannot be taken for granted that I can see myself full of love again and have the courage to finally process the subject in my music.” Namely in the song “LAUT”, which will be released on January 17th. “I got this strength from the love of Eric and the support of many strong women.”

Eric Stehfest is ready to return to acting

Her husband, TV star Eric Stehfest, is also relieved: “We’re free again. And I’m free again to work as an actor,” he says. In 2018, Stehfest left the RTL hit soap “Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten”: “I could have continued, but that would have driven me back into addiction,” he says. After he left, he only appeared on shows (Dancing on Ice, Unbreakable): “It was about me and my soul, that was part of the healing process,” said Stehfest. Is a return to GZSZ an option for him now? “A spin-off would be ok, but not a permanent role,” he says. He also wants to tell the story of abuse in the jungle: “The message is: victims do not have to be ashamed. Edith has not been able to sing for many years, now she has found her voice again.”

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