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The Minister of Sports in Reims for Women’s Rights Day


society – Reims – Women’s rights Published at 17:39 The Minister for Sports, Roxana Maracineanu, with the captain of Champagne Basket Féminin, Mélanie Devaux. (© the Weekly Friday) On this Tuesday, March 8, International Women’s Rights Day, the Minister for Sports, Roxana Maracineanu was in Reims. The swimming world champion first hosted a major conference at Creps de Bezannes on the support of top athletes in their pregnancy and maternity. She took the opportunity to present the guide “High-level sport and maternity, it’s possible! » for athletes, but also actors in the world of sport who train high-level sportswomen and train those of tomorrow. “On March 8, it was important for me to reaffirm that sport is a fundamental right for everyone, especially top athletes who can make this choice of motherhood, without giving up on their careers, declared the deputy minister. We must also send the message to all women that sport is essential, during and after pregnancy.
After this long exchange with sports players from Marne, but also from all over France through a videoconference, the former swimmer took the direction of the Cellier amphitheater, a cultural hall in downtown Reims, where she had an appointment. you with the players of the Stade de Reims. On the occasion of the final of the club’s eloquence contest, six players from Reims declaimed their arguments on a social subject that was close to their hearts. A member of a jury, made up in particular of Reims President Jean-Pierre Caillot or VItalie Taittinger, eponymous president of the champagne house, Roxana Maracineanu compared this competition to “a citizen gesture” and added: “The main right that we we all have is to be able to express ourselves. »
The two winners will take part in the national final of the D1 Arkema eloquence contest, along with other players from Lyon, Bordeaux, Soyaux, Fleury and Issy-les-Moulineaux, which will be held next April. SK Weekly Friday

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