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The Meilandjes deserve this per episode Chateau Assistance

Chateau Bijstand geen vetpot voor de Meilandjes

The Meiland family recently had to live on social assistance level for a month for their new Chateau Assistance program. It was quite hard for the family without luxury items, debit card and several cars. Yet they have earned a lot with the program…
Text continues under advertisement As the name suggests, the immensely wealthy family is going to discover what it is like to live a month with little money. The program has not yet aired or the family has already received a lot of criticism.

‘Poverty is no laughing matter’

The family receives 1000 euros for the furnishing of their house and has to make do with an old car full of dents. There is hardly any money for wine, and that is of course a major disaster for the Meilandjes. Although it is quite hard for the family, the first images already show that the family is smiling a lot. And that is not appreciated by the public. “Poverty is no laughing matter,” it read on Twitter.

35,000 euros

After a month, the Meilandjes return to their expensive houses and expensive cars. But that’s not all, because of course the family gets paid per episode. Although they normally earn 50,000 euros per episode with their reality series Chateau Meiland, the amount is now slightly lower, according to insiders. The family would rake in 35,000 euros per episode of Chateau Bijstand, KnownBuren reports.

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