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The infection with the corona variant is so unusual

The infection with the corona variant is so unusual


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Compared to Delta infected people, these symptoms have not occurred so far and are an indication of an omicron infection. Also interesting: Corona self-tests especially for Omikron. In their “ZOE Covid study”, the British researchers also observed that only around 50 percent of the Covid infected show “classic” signs such as cough, fever or a loss of smell and taste. Especially at asymptomatic patients so a lack of appetite could indicate an infection if the person has no other symptoms.

Omicron and Delta: This is how the symptoms differ in the corona variants

However, study leader and epidemiologist Tim Spector points out that the symptoms of the omicron and delta variants would not differ too much from each other. It is therefore difficult to identify an infection with a specific variant based on individual symptoms alone. FFP2 mask: View test winner at Amazon At the end of November, Angélique Coetzee, chairwoman of the South African Medical Association (SAMA), had for the first time unusual symptoms in omicron infected people reported. Those affected complained extreme exhaustion and tiredness, headaches and body aches. the Loss of smell or taste however, did not occur. Physicians from Norway, South Africa and the UK have also found that a large number of patients have extremely sore throats with severe pain when swallowing complain. According to experts, this development is important because it may reflect a change in the location where the virus infects the respiratory tract.

Omicron symptoms vary – depending on the age of those infected

But as with previous corona variants, the symptoms vary depending on age the sick. Coetzee pointed out that the symptoms mentioned only in younger people occurred, but not in older ones. In addition, the population in South Africa is on average younger than in Germany, for example. The observations of the medical association cannot therefore be directly transferred to other countries. View surgical masks on Amazon A doctor from Great Britain has now noticed another difference: At children the symptoms of the omicron variant differ again. David Lloyd, a general practitioner in London, has reported on Sky News that around 15 per cent of infected children have an skin rash had occurred. There has always been a small group of Covid patients who got a “strange rash”, but not with this frequency. In addition, they suffered children under headache and fatigue.

Omicron in adults: Extreme night sweats as a symptom

However, Lloyd’s observations are subjective and have not yet been confirmed by study results. Even with the previously known corona variants, different symptoms had appeared in children and adults after a certain period of time. Vaccination card cases: see the best deals on Amazon According to the Robert Koch Institute, they are typical symptoms in adultsdealing with the conventional corona variants have infected Cough, fever, runny nose and disturbance of the sense of smell and/or taste. Another symptom that is becoming more and more noticeable in omicron infected people is said to be extremely heavy night sweats be. Several of those affected have complained about it.” It is about those heavy night sweatsafter which you have to change clothes,” Dr Amir Khan told ITV. Kahn believes the symptom should be included on the official NHS list.

New Omicron Symptom Discovered: Increased Delirium in Older People

“This is the first study showing an increased incidence of delirium as a Covid-19 symptom in older frail adults compared to other older adults,” say researchers led by Maria Beatrice Zazzara, Rose S. Penfold and Amy L. Roberts from the Department of Twin Research and Genetic Epidemiology at King’s College London. In their study, the research team examined how Corona affected elderly, debilitated people can show. According to the research team, a significantly increased rate of delirium was noticeable here. This is one acute disturbance of consciousnesswhich are associated, among other things, with disorientation, confusion and hallucinations. Data from 322 hospital patients aged 65 and over analyzed. They were treated as inpatients between March 1, 2020 and May 5, 2020. The data was compared with 535 participants over the age of 65 in the British Covid-19 symptom study. Doctors and family members should therefore pay attention to changes in the mental state of weakened people and delirium symptoms such as confusion, sleep disturbances, psychomotor restlessness with a strong urge to move and bed escape, as well as exaggerated cheerfulness and unfounded fear.

Overview: These are the omicron symptoms in children and adults


  • headache
  • Scratchy throat
  • fever
  • Generally milder symptoms
  • No loss of smell or taste
  • possible extremely heavy night sweats
  • loss of appetite
  • Extremely sore, sore throat with severe pain when swallowing
  • Delirium in elderly and frail patients
  • Children:

  • skin rash
  • body aches
  • Extreme tiredness and exhaustion
  • Loss of appetite, gastrointestinal problems
  • No loss of smell or taste
  • Is my child infected with omicron? You should watch out for these symptoms

    Children react somewhat differently to infection with the omicron variant. For one thing, the symptoms are often milderon the other hand, doctors observed them increased gastrointestinal problems – even without any symptoms like shortness of breath, which would indicate lung disease. More detailed studies on the Symptoms of the omicron variant are yet to be seen. However, the early observations of doctors like Lloyd and Coetzee are valuable in making it easier to spot possible infections. Parents should therefore keep the peculiarities of the disease in children in mind and, if the worst comes to the worst, take the little ones to the doctor. Article contains affiliate links *Note: In the editorial office, we are always looking for useful products for our readers. The links provided in this article and marked with a shopping cart symbol or an asterisk are so-called affiliate links/advertising links. If you click on or make a purchase through one of these links, we receive a commission from the retailer. This does not change the price for you. Our editorial reporting is fundamentally independent of the existence or amount of a commission.

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