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“The dream ship”: Does Harald Schmidt fly after vaccination statements from the board?


As cruise director Oskar Schifferle is a cabaret artist Harold Schmidt (64) since 2009 with a short break on the “Traumschiff” of ZDF. But certain statements in an interview could now slow him down – it’s about his vaccination status and the ban on entering the ship that may be associated with it.

Schmidt: “I’m on the right and sensible path to fulfilling 2G”

A reporter from the “Neue Züricher Zeitung” recently said in an interview with Schmidt that it was not possible to meet in a hotel because the entertainer had neither recovered nor been vaccinated. The 64-year-old replied: “That I wasn’t vaccinated be, you just say so, and I’ll leave it as it is. In the meantime, I’ve thought about an Olaf Scholz formulation: ‘I’m on a good and reasonable path to fulfilling 2G.’ That leaves everything open. I don’t want to say more about it, otherwise there’ll be something on the tinfoil hat.”

ZDF: “Embarkation only if all requirements are met and documented”

Exactly this inaccurate statement could be Schmidt’s undoing. At the request of RTL, ZDF announced: “Since the beginning of December, the cruise company Phoenix Reisen has had a regulation for all participants on a cruise that all passengers, including the ship’s crew, must be fully vaccinated. Since the beginning of January, the regulation has been expanded to include the third vaccination (booster ) extended and applies to all people who board a cruise ship.” This would mean a double vaccination for Schmidt, alongside Florian Silbereisen who has played captain Max Parger since 2019, not enough. The ZDF specifies in its statement: “Embarkation by the local authorities can only take place if all requirements are met and documented: fully vaccinated, PCR test.”

Tour operator contradicts the ZDF

“Phoenix Reisen”, which operates the two dream ships “MS Amadea” and “MS Artania”, reports that unvaccinated people are not allowed on board. However, the Bonn tour operator contradicts ZDF on one point: A triple vaccination is currently not mandatory. A very opaque matter. Harald Schmidt’s management has not yet commented on the subject. Recently there had been a fuss about “Das Traumschiff” because it was Christmas a different episode had aired than originally planned. Reason was the guest appearance of Luke Mockridge (32) in the planned episode. Because of the public discussions about the comedian, the broadcast schedule had been changed.

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