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The dealer is no longer allowed to do this

The dealer is no longer allowed to do that

The supermarket chain has to take a hard hit in the juice dispute.Image: imago images / PicturePoint / imago images / PicturePointThe Hamburg Regional Court has decided: The juice bottle from Edeka’s own brand Albi is an unacceptable replica of the classic Granini bottle. The judges prohibit Edeka and Albi from selling and advertising the controversial bottle shape. Edeka announced that it would wait for the full reasoning of the judgment and, if necessary, take further legal action. But back to the beginning…

Price increase with serious consequences

Edeka and Eckes-Granini have been in dispute over future conditions since last autumn. The juice manufacturer initially demanded a price increase of around six percent, which Germany boss Kay Fischer justified with rising costs for sustainable packaging. Edeka rejected this and replaced the Granini products with drinks from the company’s own Albi brand. The bulbous 1-liter PET bottles from the Edeka subsidiary Albi, with the label on the bottle neck and the colored cap, were very reminiscent of their juice predecessors – the Granini bottles. Photo: www.imago-images.de / xim.gsGranini then sued the Hamburg retail giant. Reason: The bottles of Albi juices are visually too similar to those of Eckes-Granini. Because of alleged “design theft”, the supermarket group had to take its own brand products off the shelves again. According to Eckes-Granini, the design violates the juice manufacturer’s trademark rights.

Eckes-Granini records legal stage victory

The court agreed with this assessment. The Albi bottles are a “subsequent imitation”. The “Albi” logo on the bottle does not change that much, a court spokesman explained according to the “LebensmittelZeitung”.

Edeka doubts the decision

The urgent decision of the Oberlansgericht Hamburg is not yet final. “We will now wait for the full reasoning of the judgment and are examining intensively whether we can take further legal action.”, an Edeka spokesman announced when asked by the LZ. “We are still firmly convinced that the ‘Albi’ brand bottle is an independent product.” Copy. In addition, “Albi” has been known as an independent brand for many years. (abd) In the federal-state meeting on Friday, the quarantine measures for corona infected people and contact persons were changed and shortened. The following rules are expected to apply nationwide from January 15:

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