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The Chinese are catching up rapidly: Study: German car manufacturers the most innovative

The Chinese are catching up rapidly: Study: German car manufacturers the most innovative

Friday January 14, 2022

The Chinese are catching up rapidly Study: German car manufacturers the most innovative

The study by the CAM Institute in Bergisch Gladbach still sees the German car manufacturers at the forefront when it comes to innovations. However, the Chinese car manufacturers are increasingly catching up with the world market leaders in the industry. Their thirst for expansion is clearly reflected in their innovative strength.
According to a study by industry expert Stefan Bratzel, German car manufacturers are still the world leaders in innovation. His CAM Institute in Bergisch Gladbach has compared useful innovations in series models from more than 80 brands since 2016. The result: “Volkswagen, BMW and Daimler as well as Tesla have remained the most innovative global automotive groups since 2016, ahead of Hyundai, Ford and Stellantis.”

Chinese are catching up

The Chinese brand WEY operates under the umbrella of Great Wall Motor. (Photo: Wey) For the first time, Chinese car manufacturers are also among the top 10. With BYD, Great Wall (GWM) and Geely, three manufacturers from China have been able to establish themselves in the top ten of the world’s most innovative car companies, as can be seen from the new innovation Report by the Center of Automotive Management (CAM) in Bergisch Gladbach. Compared to the 2016/18 period, BYD’s number of points in CAM’s own innovation index has increased by 303 percent to 127. Compared to the 2019/21 period, BYD was able to move up from 20th to 8th place. Great Wall increased by 164 percent to 116 points and climbed from 18th to 9th place. Geely, however, slipped from 6th place to 10th place. The number of points from Volvo’s parent company fell by 15 percent to 100. The Japanese manufacturers also lost their innovative strength. Toyota even fell back to 13th place. CAM explains the clear rise of BYD primarily with a broad electric offensive, which produced a large number of purely electric vehicles (BEV) in various segments at an early stage. The plus of more than 160 percent at Great Wall is justified, among other things, by world innovations that are ready for series production, such as the gesture-based autonomous parking function in the Wey Mocha (2021).

Volkswagen still the front runner

According to the information, the Volkswagen Group with the core brands VW, Audi and Porsche has asserted itself at the top. In the period from 2019 to 2021 there were many innovations in electric drives and in operating and display concepts. BMW came second in the evaluation with world innovations such as the traffic light assistant, which recognizes red traffic lights and stops the car. Bratzel sees Mercedes-Benz close behind. With the new S-Class 2020 and above all the EQS, the Stuttgart-based company presented many innovations, including the warning of construction sites using symbols projected onto the road. Despite fewer model series, Tesla comes in fourth thanks to innovations in range and driver assistance systems, followed by Hyundai and Ford. “Despite all prophecies of doom, the German automotive groups currently have a very high level of innovation and cover a wide range of technologies with their innovations,” said Bratzel . “However, this positive snapshot is not a long-term guarantee of survival due to the high level of innovation.” Tesla and newcomers from China are highly innovative and put the established manufacturers under enormous competitive pressure. VW remains the most innovative car company with 366 points (-11 percent), while BMW (282/+37 percent) and Daimler (269/-20 percent) rank second and swapped three. Fourth-placed car manufacturer is Tesla (199/+37 percent), followed by Hyundai (141/+16 percent), Ford (138/+103 percent) and Stellantis (136/+24 percent) in 7th place.

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