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The Best Universities of Kazakhstan for MBBS


We believe that the best university for anyone is the best university for oneself, its geographical location, tuition, monthly expenses, and personal needs. Nevertheless, in order to make it easier for students, we have compiled a list of medical schools that can be called the best medical universities based on the comments and opinions of students studying in Kazakhstan at these and other universities. MBBS in Kazakhstan for Indian students has always been a common destination for international students to pursue MBBS since the Soviet era of Kazakhstan. According to data provided by the “World Medical School Directory” provided by the World Health Organization (WHO), Kazakhstan has a staggering 30 positions among the 100 highest-ranked medical universities.

The MBBS in Kazakhstan can be a great comfort for students who wish to choose MBBS in abroad, but because of the high tuition fees, they are afraid to do so. Kazakhstan provides medical education at a fair and affordable price, which is reasonable for students in all countries of the world. The medical university in Kazakhstan provides students with good clinical practice, just to ensure that they have a good practice before going out to practice. The university’s faculty and staff are experienced. The number of affiliated hospitals is also very large. Doctors who graduated from Kazakhstan Medical University have been working in various medical organizations all over the world including India. All international students in Kazakhstan choose to obtain an MBBS medical school from Kazakhstan. If they choose to study in full English or bilingual courses, the course lasts for 5 years, except for one university (i.e. IP Pavlov State Medical University. St. Petersburg. If students choose to study MBBS in Kazakhstan in the Kazakh language, they must take an additional one-year preparatory course, which makes the study time for MBBS in Kazakhstan 7 years.

All medical universities in Kazakhstan are supervised by the same government agency and are accredited by the MCI (Medical Council of India), the WHO (World Health Organization), and the Medical Council of the United States, the United Kingdom, the Middle East, Australia, India, Canada, and other major countries. Choose which public university in Kazakhstan MBBS.

The best university for anyone is the best university for you, keeping in mind the location, cost, monthly expenses, and personal needs. The list below is best for Indian students who wish to realize their dream of becoming an Indian doctor to study MBBS in Kazakhstan. When we were studying MBBS students in Kazakhstan, we kept all the needs of students in mind and came up with this list

Al Farabi Kazakh National University

Al Farabi Kazakh National University (KazGU or KazNU) is the leading institution in the higher education system of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It is the first institution to be accredited by the state and proves that it has the right to implement all majors and academic activities at all levels.

Kazakh National Medical University

The main source of talents for public health in Kazakhstan, Sanzhar Asfendiyarov, and MBBS in Kazakh National Medical University (KNMU) has a long history of 89 years and has trained nearly 80000 doctors of different specialties. These high-level professionals have made important contributions to protecting lives and people’s health. Today, every one-third of doctors in the country are graduates of KNMU (Kazakh National Medical University). Here, they gained a foundation of medical knowledge, friendliness, and compassion.