Home Entertainment That’s what fans say about Heidi Klum’s duet with Snoop Dogg

That’s what fans say about Heidi Klum’s duet with Snoop Dogg

That's what fans say about Heidi Klum's duet with Snoop Dogg

The model mom herself sings the official opener song of the 17th season of “Germany’s Next Topmodel” herself.Image: www.mediapunchinc.com / FS/AdMedia /MediaPunchThe 17th GNTM season starts on February 3rd on ProSieben and Joyn, shot the new season was among other things in Greece. Published on Thursday Heidi Klum the previously teased theme song for the upcoming season. The model mom sings the song herself with none other than the “Godfather of Rap”: Snoop Dogg.

Heidi describes Snoop as down to earth

With the help of husband Tom Kaulitz and fellow DJ Devon Culliner, “Chai Tea With Heidi” was produced in three days at Snoop Dogg’s recording studio in Inglewood, Los Angeles. According to Tom Kaulitz, the song sampled, among other things, Rod Stewart’s hit “Baby Jane” from 1983.Laut “ProSieben”, Heidi is said to be collaborating with the cult rapper fun have made. “He’s just an icon (…) and as a person he’s the coolest guy ever. He doesn’t have airs and graces and you laugh a lot with him.” In addition, Snoop Dogg’s voice is unmistakable: “With many similar voices in the music industry, Snoop Dogg is simply unique and I also find it unmistakable. You just recognize him immediately. I hope you love the song as much as Snoop Dogg and I do,” says that top model.

Second attempt as a singer

Heidi loves to sing. “Preferably all day, my husband knows that makes me happy,” enthused the blonde in the “Bild” interview. As early as 2006, Heidi shared her passion for singing with the public. Her Christmas song “Wonderland” accompanied a PR campaign with a cosmetics chain. Now the second musical project followed.

Scathing reactions to Snoop’s Instagram page

“When we were discussing the theme song for the upcoming season of ‘Germany’s Next Topmodel’ it was suggested to me that maybe I should record my own song this year. I love getting out of my comfort zone and challenging myself, so that was something I definitely considered, but I knew there was only one person I wanted to sing with.” Not everyone, however, shares Heidi’s excitement about the collab. Bei YouTube one reads in the comment column among other things: “Sounds like Bill Kaulitz” and “Seriously a dislike for Heidi”. And at Snoop on Instagram: “Heidi’s voice sounds terrible” and “Absolutely cringe”. But that probably doesn’t bother the Bergisch-Gladbach native. In advance she had interview with the “Image” announced: “Either you like the song – or you don’t”.(abd)It’s not without a certain comedy that Sebastian Pufpaff, as the moderator of “TV total”, cracks jokes about Bruce Darnell and his canceled show, when things aren’t likely to be much better for him himself. Because nobody raised their hand when Pufpaff asked who saw Darnell’s last show, he explained with a grin, “Yeah, that’s why the show’s gone.”

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