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Ten Things to Avoid when Buying a New Toilet

Ten Things to Avoid when Buying a New Toilet Image

It may seem simple to buy a new toilet. Just go to your local home supply store and find the item you want, then wait for delivery. What happens next? You might spend the next ten years with a peach-colored, noisy, uncomfortable commode that blocks your toilet door.

Avoid These Toilet Bumpers

Here are some points that you avoid when buying a toilet seat-

Noisy Flusher

Pressure-assisted toilets are praised in many ways. They flush the toilets with brawny power, which is efficient and water-efficient. It also keeps the bowl clean and almost eliminates clogs. However, this high-octane power comes at a cost: Some pressure assist toilet can sound like jet engines while they do their job. Technology continues to improve, as manufacturers experiment with noise control solutions.

Non-Standard Replacement Parts

People will rail against anything less than extraordinary, even the mundane appearance of your average toilet. However, before you spend your hard-earned money on a European-style model with a customized seat and other unusual features, consider the cost of replacing them when they wear out. A high-quality bath head or luxurious towels will make your bathroom remodel budget more worthwhile.

Slamming Lid

Toilet lids that bang shut like bricks are a small nuisance that can be a big problem in the middle of the night, or when there are no children around. You should look for models with slow-drop toilet seats that close slowly, sparing your ears and tiny fingers. You can also remove some slow-close toilet seats, making cleaning easy.

Any Color Other Than White

Are you familiar with avocado green and harvest gold? These colors were popular in American bathrooms and kitchens until they lost their appeal in the 1970s. This is true even for today’s colored toilets. It’s possible for something that feels new to you right now to become outdated in five to ten years. This could make it more difficult to sell your home. It is best to purchase white or bisque fixtures that will never go out of fashion.

Too Long

Before you change from a standard round toilet to one that has an elongated bowl or from an elongated to a circular toilet, make sure to take out your measuring tape. Also, you shouldn’t change your toilet shape suddenly without carefully considering the pros and cons of each option. Elongated toilets are a popular choice, and many people love their comfort. However, they can take up space in your bathroom by taking up two inches more. This could block drawers, cabinets, or doors. Round toilets can also cause problems, so they should be avoided if space is an issue.

Tacky Seat

As beauty is in the eye of the beholder, a person’s ugly toilet seat could be another’s masterpiece. Some toilet seats are simply too ugly to be trusted. You should not buy one of these toilet seats, even if you’re just looking for a laugh.

Too High

The “comfort height” and “right height” toilets of today have bowls that are 17-19 inches high as opposed to the 15 inches in a standard toilet. These toilets are very popular and well-used. However, height is not for everyone.
Experts claim that a chair-like position can inhibit natural functioning.1 If you are short or have small children, a right-height bathroom may not be the best option. To make sure the model suits your needs, it’s a good idea for you to test it out before buying it.

Water Tank For Waste

It is not cool to wastewater. Low flow toilets will help to maintain these critical water reserves, particularly as droughts become more frequent in certain areas of the globe.

Too Cheap

It is possible to purchase a toilet for as low as $100. You’ll likely live with the toilet for many years so any money saved now will not pay off when poor workmanship and parts, as well as a weak flushing ability, cause all kinds of headaches.

It’s Hard to Clean

Traditional two-piece toilets have a separate tank and bowl, making them difficult to clean. You might prefer a one-piece model if you hate this chore. Some toilet manufacturers offer special surfaces that prevent mold and bacteria growth. A wall-mounted toilet is a great (but expensive) option if you have to deal with both grime or a lack thereof.

The Perfect Toilet

There’s a perfect toilet for you, hopefully. These 10 features can be avoided to ensure long-term satisfaction at the throne.

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