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Tech Giants Say That Users Of Their Software Should Be Held Responsible For AI Copyright Infringements


AI developers say it’s not their fault that their machine learning programs produce copyrighted material, even though they are the ones who trained their systems on copyrighted materials. Instead, they want users to shoulder the legal responsibility of material generated by their systems.

The U.S. Copyright Office is mulling over new regulations regarding generative AI, and, in August, published a request for comments on artificial intelligence and copyright. Responses to the request are public, and can be found here.

Among the replies, companies including Google, Dall-E developer OpenAI, and Microsoft wrote in, arguing that only the unlicensed production of copyrighted materials violates existing protections. According to them, AI software is just like audio or video recording devices, photocopiers, or cameras, all of which can be used to infringe on copyrights. Manufacturers of those products aren’t held to account when that happens, so why should AI companies be held accountable, or so the thinking goes.


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