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Submission Guidelines

You must follow the guidelines in order to be get your article published on Exact Release website.

1- Title And Keywords

The title chosen for the article must be unique and readable at length, for instance, titles containing only keywords will be deleted. The titles must contain 5 or more words making it a proper title that is readable.

2- Article Length

The articles that are short in length will be deleted. The articles must contain at least 250 to 300 words to be qualified for publishing. The ideal length of the article is 500 words or more.

3- Unique Article

The article must be unique, the content copied from other website’s or from about pages or only containing company information in the article will not be posted. Those article will be deleted instantly.

4- Featured Image

The featured image for the article must be at least 600×400 pixels in dimension, articles with smaller images will not be entertained or even deleted. The image must be a nice square shape having the following dimensions for example;

600×400 pixels, 650×450 pixels, 700×350 pixels, 750×400 pixels, 800×450 pixels, 800×400 pixels, 850×500 pixels or more

5- Prohibited Categories

Articles related to sensitive categories will be deleted.

Adult, sexology, sex-related products & therapies, gambling, casino, misleading cryptocurrency, inappropriate financial products, illegal arms, drugs, dating, essay writing, etc.

6- Tags

You must choose 3 to 5 relevant tags for the article, a single tag must not be more than 3 words in length, tags that are exceeding this limit will all be deleted.