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Stock market: Pfeiffer Vacuum stock cannot hold its ground – 01/14/22 – News

Stock market: Pfeiffer Vacuum stock cannot hold its ground - 01/14/22 - News

Friday, 01/14/2022 1:30 p.m. from ARIVA.DE | Views: 9 The performance overview of a share (icon image). © pixabay.com Trade Pfeiffer Vacuum shares permanently for 0 euros! Now on Smartbroker.de The Pfeiffer Vacuum share (Pfeiffer Vacuum share) is currently in the red. The most recent price was EUR 183.80. The Pfeiffer Vacuum share is currently down 2.75 percent. The security fell in price by EUR 5.20. The paper is currently valued at EUR 183.80 on the stock market. Compared to the SDAX (SDAX ), Pfeiffer Vacuum’s stock lags behind. The SDAX is currently at 15,885 points. This corresponds to a minus of 0.91 percent. Pfeiffer Vacuum’s price today is by no means the lowest in the history of the stock. The share was worth exactly 127.59 euros less on November 4, 2014.

The company Pfeiffer Vacuum

Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology AG develops, produces, sells and services a wide range of vacuum pumps and systems as well as measuring and analysis devices. The products are used in a wide range of commercial and analytical applications including the manufacture of semiconductors, CDs, computer hard drives, optical lenses, monitors, light bulbs, automotive electronics, automotive headlights, freeze-dried food, surface-treated replacement and machine parts, electron microscopes and mass spectrometers. Customers include manufacturers of analytical instruments and vacuum process equipment, research and development facilities, and companies that use vacuum processes in their production. On February 22, 2022, Pfeiffer Vacuum will let you look at the books again. Then the latest business figures are published.

These are competitor stocks

Pfeiffer Vacuum faces various competitors on the market. This includes, for example, Inficon (Inficon shares). the company’s stock is currently down 2.70 percent. In contrast, the price at KSB (KSB share) has hardly changed at the moment. the security costs EUR 388.00, which is about the same as the day before. Read more This article was created by ARIVA.DE using standardized company information from Finance Base. advertising

further down?

Short-term positioning in Pfeiffer Vacuum
Ask: 4.32 Leverage: 4.78
with moderate leverage

Morgan Stanley The Base Prospectus, Final Terms and Key Information Documents are available here: MD13VF,. Please also note the further information on this advertisement. The issuer is entitled to call open-end securities. Advertisement Subscribe free for more news on the Heidelberger Druckmaschinen share Note: ARIVA.DE publishes analyses, columns and news from various sources in this section. ARIVA.DE AG is not responsible for content that has been posted by third parties in the “News” area of ​​this website and does not adopt it as its own. This content can be identified in particular by a corresponding “from” label below the article heading and/or by the link “To read the full article, please click here.”; The named third party is solely responsible for this content.

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