Home Business & Finance Stock market: Evotec share price down – 01/14/22 – News

Stock market: Evotec share price down – 01/14/22 – News

Stock market: Evotec share price down - 01/14/22 - News

Friday, 14.01.2022 11:01 from ARIVA.DE | Views: 20 The stock prices at a glance. © gopixa / iStock / Getty Images Plus / Getty Images http://www.gettyimages.de/ Trade Evotec shares permanently for 0 euros! Now on Smartbroker.de The security of Evotec (Evotec share) listed a little lighter on Friday. Most recently, investors paid EUR 35.89 for the paper. Evotec’s shares are currently down 2.53 percent. It has deteriorated by 93 cents compared to the last price of the previous day. On the stock market, investors are currently paying EUR 35.89 for the share. If you use the TecDAX (TecDAX ) as a benchmark, then Evotec shares lag behind. With a score of 3,564 points, the TecDAX is currently down 0.80 percent on the last trading day. Evotec’s share price recorded its lowest price to date on June 4, 2012. At that time, the share price was EUR 1.87, which is EUR 34.02 less than it currently is.

The company Evotec

Evotec SE is one of the world’s leading drug discovery and development companies. The company specializes in neural diseases, pain, metabolic and inflammatory diseases and oncology. The core business is drug research, which is carried out in cooperation with partner companies from the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Evotec sold goods and services worth EUR 501 million in the past financial year. The company made a bottom line profit of EUR 6.30 million. New business figures are expected for April 12, 2022.

That’s how it is with the competition

Evotec aap implants 2Invest Medigene MorphoSys PerkinElmer
course 35.89 €13.00 €2.87 €30.10 €158.35
performance 2.53 0.00% -0.76% -0.86% -4.17% +0.99%
market cap €5.90 billion €74.7 million €70.5 million €1.03 billion €17.7 billion

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further down?

Position in Evotec in the short term
Ask: 6.32 Leverage: 6.89
with moderate leverage

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