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Still a view on love happiness for Maurice after drama with Arjan | show

 Still a view on love happiness for Maurice after drama with Arjan |  show


Married at first sight Maurice Westra (46) has no lack of support from TV viewers, but he participated in Married at first sight before the romance. After the dramatic marriage with Arjan Bomekamp (50), Maurice gets a second chance in the program. He goes on a date with three new men. Last week, the whole of the Netherlands seemed to sympathize with Maurice, who learned through a letter on a lonely honeymoon in Portugal that his husband Arjan no longer wanted it. The viewers tumbled over each other on social media to support Maurice and Arjan to lose weight. The florist didn’t do well then. In tonight’s episode, the final conversation took place, in which Arjan again had to endure the best. A few weeks after the wedding day, Arjan and Maurice met again live for the first time, on the couch with Carlo Boszhard and two experts, behavioral biologist Patrick van Veen and sexologist Eveline Stallaart. They put Arjan on the line. “I have the feeling that after the wedding day you decided not to investigate whether there was a relationship,” said Maurice.


Arjan: ,,I wanted to investigate whether there could have been a friendship. I see us as too alike, almost brothers. I don’t feel the attraction.” Sexologist Eveline said it was regrettable that Arjan did not even want to investigate that attraction. ,,That was because I had panic attacks”, says Arjan. ,,You could still have investigated that,” said Eveline. ,,I’m just hurt”, said Maurice. ,,I really had 0.0 chance. You wanted to explore friendship, that’s not what I’m looking for. Wasn’t that the purpose of the experiment?” Maurice and Arjan © RTL When the wedding rings had been handed in and Arjan was the first to leave the room, behavioral biologist Patrick looked back on a ‘fierce conversation’. ,,I saw emotions in both men. I almost feel more sorry for Arjan than I think: please wake up and especially go and look straight in the mirror and ask yourself what the hell you are doing?” The expert then had the fun task of surprising Maurice, in the hope that the TV adventure will eventually lead to a happy romance. ,,Unfortunately, the first choice turned out to be completely wrong, but there were still a few men who were close to that. The question is, would you like to meet those men?”

Quote It seemed as if another person was being put down that I don’t recognize in myself at all. I have a lot of trouble with it Arjan Bomekamp

Without thinking twice, Maurice accepted the offer. ,,Very honest: when I came here, I thought: never never again, but this actually does me very well.” Maurice read the three cards of Davide (50), Dennis (46) and Patrick (37) on the spot. ) and, as could already be seen in a preview, goes on a date with these men. “I’m definitely going to do this. It makes me very happy.” For florist Arjan, his participation in the RTL program remains without a happy ending. ,,I can hardly put it into words”, he responded to the final conversation in the studio. ,,It seemed as if another person was put down that I don’t recognize in myself at all. I’m having a lot of trouble with it. I am in it with much more love than appears now.” Arjan (r) and Maurice on the couch with experts Patrick and Eveline and presenter Carlo Boszhard © RTL Also listen to the AD Media Podcast: Our apologies Unfortunately, we cannot social post, live blog or otherwise because it contains one or more social media elements. Accept the social media cookies to still show this content. Change cookie settings Watch our Show & Entertainment videos below: Free unlimited access to Showbytes? Which can! Log in or create an account and never miss a thing from the stars. Yes, I want free unlimited access

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